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Thread: pulling own blankets on at night

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    Default pulling own blankets on at night

    when are the old enough that they start to do this?
    last night twice I got woken up with "Mama, Mama" until I went in to DS' room and he'd wriggled out from his blankets. All he wanted was them pulled up and then went back to sleep. All three times! (yes I cant count, it was 3 not 2!)

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    it really depends on the child.. maybe u can help him with it during the day and show him how to do it?? i worked in ldc and some children did it and some didnt i think if u show him how to do it then he will get the picture and hopefully do it during the night hth

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    Alexa has learnt to pull her own blankets up... may only be one of the two but still enough to keep her warm..

    I gave up on getting up 3-4 times a night cause of her blankies & jsut put her in winter jammies.. she eventually learnt to pull up the blankies !!!!

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    OMG how bizarre I asked my mum this a few days ago!!! She said she was once told that if the child feels totally comfortable in bed then they won't pull the blankets up, but if they have had nightmares, are frightened of the dark or had a fright then they are more likely to pull them up as a protective measure. Not sure how true that is though.

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    I've been curious about this one for a while...our little man is only 15 months old but he always kicks off his sheet...we've ended up just sleeping him in long pj's to keep warm enough over night... I will definitely try teaching him to pull the sheet up in a couple of months before the colder weather arrives.

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    I have always wondered this too. My DD is 5 and has only just started to pull up her own blankets. she is a really deep sleeper and I think nothing really wakes her up. we co-sleep and that is one reason why I keep on co-sleeping is so that I can make sure she is covered in the night, without me having to get up 3 times.

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    from reading your replies it obviously depends on the individual child. Archie started to pull his donna up last month. Hopefully it wont be long before Milo works it out too

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