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Thread: Reaction to 12mth vaccinations?

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    Default Reaction to 12mth vaccinations?

    I have recently had my son's 12mth vaccinations done. The Dr told me that 10 days after this particular vaccination baby can peak a fever/be offish. Day 10 was yesterday and while no fever he is certainly off! Won't/can't fall asleep, grizzly and tired all the time. It's like he is when he's teething (horrible that is!) - unless this is happening at same time as more teeth coming (??). So my question is, did anyone else's bubs get this type of reaction (sleeplessness being the major concern) from their MMR vaccination and how long did it last? He is usually a good little sleeper these days.

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    Nina was exactly like this for about 3 weeks after her 12 month vaccinations. She was very lathargic, but not sleeping well, off her food, chucking tantrums left right and centre, had the classic signs of teething actually, except she wasn't as she had got them all through by then. It was certainly a hard time for us, but we managed to get through it, and one day she woke up and was the happy little bubbly girl I know.
    hang in there. If you're concerned, take her back to your gp. I did with Nina just to make sure there wasn't anything else going on.

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    I ended up in hossy with Darcy when her temp went over 42. That was enough to make her 'offish' but i can't remember anything else.

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    yep temp here and rash which lasted for around 5 days, fine after taht though

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