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    For the second time now I've broken out in what appears to be an allergic reaction around my eyes and on my cheeks.
    Baring in mind I've had ridiculous dermatitis during PG and finally have it under a sort of control using a mixture of dermo creams. However, i have now broken out in a rash, which also happened a week or so ago, that makes me look like i'm wearing eye shadow or i've been punched. Itches but is not lumpy but i'm unsure what might be the cause.
    The breakout happened on Saturday morning after a shower were I washed my hair and washed face, all with products i use each day, but i'm wondering if the face wash (as i'd used it the night before and only normally use it once a day) has been TOO much and reacted with my skin. I have rubbed QV Repair Cream in and this morning it stung like you wouldn't believe. Helped a little, has gotten itchy as the day continued but still have very red eyes.
    I'm not sure if i should annoy my dermatologist again but think it will probably go before i could get in to see him.
    First outbreak it made my eye's swell up and all puffy.
    Considering the amount of trouble i'm having with my face/skin (mixutre of terrible dermatitis and pimples) i'm figuring a reaction to something but having trouble to pinpoint what exactly.

    So much for "glowing" during pregnancy!!
    Any tips or suggestions...

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    Sorry not sure of any tips or suggestions just wanted to post and say good luck getting it under control! The joys of pregnancy and parenthood

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    I would be investing in some all natural products - even though QV is recommended as good for sensitive skin etc it still has some nasty ingredients - check for yourself! I use a brand called natural instincts (can buy in chemists or online) but I know some bellybelly ladies swear by miessence products too
    Oh and don't forget about makeup - some brands of eyeshadow give me a rash on my eyes!
    I hope it clears up soon!

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