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Thread: Refusing milk????

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    Default Refusing milk????

    I'm not sure what to do about this one and hope that someone can help!!!

    Luke is 8 months old and has just started refusing the bottle (he is formula fed). He has been quite succesfully having 3 bottles a day, after his solids but the last couple of days, it's been a real drama to try and get him to take the bottle. He's still eating reasonably well but I'm worried that he still needs his milk. For a while, we were able to distract him with his dummy, then slip the bottle in (but he HAD to be holding his dummy or he wouldn't take it)!! So strange. But now, he won't take it at all.

    I'm hoping its just a phase but am worried that he needs it - can someone help. Should I be trying to get him to take it or just not worry - surely if he wants it, he'll take it. He's quite a big boy so its not like he's starving or anything. I just don't know what I should be doing!!

    I'm also thinking his top teeth are coming through, so maybe thats what's bothering him - who knows?? Any help or advice would be much appreciated!!!!!


    Kelly xxx

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    Hi Kelly. I haven't bottlefed before, but it does sound to me like there's something amiss. He does still need his milk as it is the most important thing in his diet for the first 12 months. Sounds like it could indeed be the teeth... I'd suggest you just keep persevering, but try not to react negatively if/when he refuses.
    Sorry I'm not any more help. I hope things get better for you guys very soon.

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    I am not bottle feeding either, but I have been advised to give DD breast milk before solids, as before 12 months breast milk or formula is still more nutritionally important than solids. So maybe Luke doesn't want the bottle because he's full after having had solids? Maybe try giving the bottle first then solids after? Hope this helps. Good luck.

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