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Thread: Safe T Sleep to stop rolling cot?

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    Question Safe T Sleep to stop rolling cot?

    DS has developed a rolling obsession - does it everywhere! I am having heaps of trouble settling him for sleeps during the day because he wont stop rolling and at night he is wedging himself up in the corner of the cot. I feel like all i am doing is flipping him back over! Has anyone used a Safe T Sleep before and was it worth it? I did get one of those sleep positioner pillows but he was out of it 2 seconds flat.

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    I haven't used the Safe T Sleep, but I use a kind of wedgy thing - it's two banana shaped wedges and bub sleeps in between them - it keeps bub on her back - the brand is "Sassy". I found that she was rolling everywhere being unwrapped and just popped in the cot but this wedge helps to keep her kind of in one spot. I often wrapped her as well as the two wedges stop her rolling - both the wrap and the wedge have assisted in my bub getting a good night's sleep.

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    I bought a Safe T Sleep for my eldest as he was rolling everywhere and used it maybe once (I got all funny about using it). Cant remember if he liked it or not.

    I have now been using it for about 2 months for my youngest, he would roll in his sleep and wake up screaming on his belly. It worked wonders with his sleep to start, but he can now roll in it anyway (I dont use the safety pins) and most times he is on his belly when I go get him.

    It now seems to be a comfort for him to have it wrapped around him, occasionally he will cry on being put into bed but as soon as he is wrapped, it stops and he is asleep.

    I think it is worth a try.

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    I used this for both kids and it worked a treat. In the end DD used it as a comforter because everytime it needed washing she would not go to sleep without it. She actually used it until she was around 18 months old. DS used it until he was around 6 months old because he didnt need it anymore and didn't need it as a comforter (he had his blankie for that!) But i did end up having to buy 2 as he would not sleep without it when it needed washing.

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    My DD used one for awhile, but she learnt how to roll in it anyways...

    Was thinking about using is when she goes intoa big bed, but I have a feeling she will just undo the velcro anyway LOL...

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    I have one as he needed to be on one side, but within minutes, he was on his back again and didn't use it much after that. Now he prefers to sleep on his side and rolls around the cot til he's comfy.

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