thanks for all your advice. I am trying the settling in the cot routine instead of rocking him to sleep. First try he screamed his head off for 5 mins then went quiet and laid quietly for 10 mins then slowly drifted off to sleep. Took him 20 mins to let himself go, but then he woke up after 20 mins, I settled him again in the cot, same screaming etc and then he only slept for 5 mins. At least I know he will fall asleep in the cot even if he still fights it. I only keep him up for an hour which includes feed, play and nappy change, but then he doesn't settle for 20-1hr, so that is where the 2 hours comes in. I don't keep him up for 2 hours, it stretches to that if he fights the sleep. Willow I agree with everything you said and I too realised I have to go by my baby and not the books, or people telling me he should be sleeping 3 hours etc and me stressing when he only sleeps 1 hr.