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Thread: Should a cold affect his eating?

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    Default Should a cold affect his eating?

    Hi my DS has had a blocked nose for about a week now and even though he has 4 bottles a day, he has totally gone off solids! He used to eat anything and everything and now Im lucky if I get 2 spoonfulls of anything into him!
    Is this normal? I also thought it could be his teeth but I tried Bonjella before a meal and that makes no difference!
    Should I be worried? How long can he not eat for?
    I tried to just give him more milk but he doesn't want it!
    Everyone keeps saying "when he's hungry he will eat" Which is fine in theory but a bit trickier when I want my baby to grow
    Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hi Nay,

    A cold can certainly affect their eating. He may even take less bottles/breast. Depending on what's happening with his cold, he might have a belly full of snot (it might be running down the back of the throat into his belly) which will curve his appetite. Plus, sometimes when people are sick, they just plain don't feel like eating.

    At his age, his main source of nutrients is from BF/FF so don't stress about him not eating solids. His appetite will pick up again when he is better. Continue to encourage fluids and if no better after a week, consider seeing the Dr to make sure it is nothing more than a cold.



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    Totally agree with MG. He will eat again when he's feeling better. Nina had a sore throat and a cold last week, and totally went off her food. Would only drink cold water or cold milk. I wasn't worried at all as I knew she wasn't well and that she'd start eating again when she felt better.

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