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Thread: should i be worried? red blotchy feet...

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    Default should i be worried? red blotchy feet...

    i just tried to make a docs app. but they are full today, so i will take her to the chemist when dp gets home from work with the car.

    yesterday when i took Krystals socks off, i noticed her feet her red, it looked as tho she had been wearing shoes that were too tight (she had only socks on all day tho..) her toes were red, and red blotches underneath her feet... i didnt think too much of it, i thought they may have been hot/sweaty from the socks...

    but today, i have just put her to bed for a nap, and while i was feeding her, i noticed a couple of her toes are red, and underneath is very blotchy.. and also looks like blisters.. but when i run my finger over her foot, its completely smooth, no bumps or rash type feeling. then.. i noticed one blister looking thing on her palm, just a small one, now i am more worried...

    what is it!? i cant see any spots on her body, and it doesnt seem to be bothering her, it is warm today, could it be a heat rash? even though yesterday was nice.. not hot?

    please help!

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    Could it be something like hand,foot and mouth disease? Maybe have a check in her mouth for blisters...?

    What it looks likes
    Hand-foot-and-mouth disease begins with fever up to 101 degrees Fahrenheit, sore throat, sore mouth, cough, headache, fatigue, loss of appetite, and occasionally joint pain. After 1–2 days, a rash appears.

    Small red areas of the lining of the mouth, tongue, gums, or throat develop into blisters and rapidly form open sores (ulcerations). Lesions develop a shallow, yellow-gray base and a red surrounding area. Lesions on arms and legs (extremities) begin as flat red spots that produce oval or football-shaped blisters, surrounded with red coloration. Hand and foot lesions are common on the sides and backs of the fingers and toes. Palms and soles may also be affected.

    The skin lesions may be painful.

    In about a week the rash will disappear and your child will feel better
    Quote from a med website.
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