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    Sitting Up Unassisted

    I am just curious to know as to when your babies sat up unassisted? Also, did they roll, crawl, sit, etc first, in what order and ages did they occur for you?

    Thanks guys!

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    Jack rolled at 7 1/2 weeks, sat up at about 5 months, crawled at 5 1/2 months, walked at 9 1/2 months. Tom rolled at 4 1/2 weeks, sat up at about 6 months, crawled at 6 1/2 months, took his first step at 11 1/2 months and just started walking at 12 1/2 months.

    Friends of ours had a little girl who didn't sit unassisted until 11 months but then she stood up unassisted the very next day!

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    Milo rolled at 5 months, sat up at 8-9mths, crawled at 10-11 mths and walked on his own at about 13months

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    Claire is 7.5 months now. She rolled at about 3 months. At the moment, she is not quite sitting unasssisted yet - she can for a very short time and if you position her right, but otherwise she topples over. She is commando crawling, but not "real" crawling yet.

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    Tobi smiled at 5 weeks
    Laughed at 12 weeks
    Rolled over at 22 weeks
    Sat unsupported at 5.5months

    He is 7.5months now. Still no teeth, not crawling and can't still himself up. He also hates rolling over from his belly to his back.

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    rolled 8 months
    sat at 7 months
    crawled at 9 months
    walked at 12 months

    rolled at 5 months
    sat at 6 months
    crawled at 6 1/2 months
    walked at 10 months

    very different babies cody was very cubby bubby and lachlan wasn't


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    Hi there, Charlie is 5days older than Blake.

    6months - He cut two teeth
    4months - He rolled from back to tummy but only every now & then. ATM he does it all the time, but can't get back so always cries out. Makes play time on floor very frustrating.

    He's been trying to pull himself up to sit for a month or two now but can't sit unaided, always falls to the side.

    Dont think he will be crawling for a while, doesn't even get up on hands or knees when on his tummy.
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    Daniel rolled at 5 months and has been sitting unassisted since 6.5/ 7 months.

    He is still REALLY wibbly wobbly though and I watch him like a hawk. He tends to throw himself in reckless abandon - doesn't seem to realise he can crack his scone open. I guess they're born knowing you'll be there to catch them. He isn't crawling yet, just going backwards on his belly - so he's trying to get his legs under.

    My friends baby who is a week older than Daniel, is starting to walk already!!!! Poor Daniel, just loping along......

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    D'oh I didn't think that thread had sitting unaided. I should have done my homework a little better!

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    No dramas Ashlee........I often refer to that thread when I am being neurotic of my 3 who have been embarassingly SLOW in the gross motor skills........whilst Olivia sat unaided quite early (5 months I think?) we had to teach her how to roll over at 11 months, and she was nearly 2 before she walked........LOL.

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    My DD has sat up by herself at 11 weeks! But the way she did this is she was leaning against me and after 5 times she launched herself up and held herself for a moment before toppling over. If you position her right on the floor, she will sit for a lil while..

    Im so proud

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    Ariya starting sitting up at 5mths but was pretty wobbly, had it perfected by 6mths crawled by 6 1/2 - 7mths and now can sit up from tummy position 7 1/2 months

    DS didn't sit up until 7mths and crawled at 10 mths

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    sophie sat unassisted at 5 months

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    Rolled - 6 months
    sat unaided - 7 months
    crawled - 9 months
    first steps - 13 months
    still to walk

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    Rolled before 2 months
    Sat unaided for a decent stretch of time (we played Weebles for about a month) 4 1/2m
    Pullde himself up from sitting - 5m
    First steps - 6 1/2 months, walking (backwards) across sitting room before 7m.
    Not yet walking unaided, but trying to bat my hands away already (he then falls down, so not a clever move!)

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    Ashton commando crawled before he sat. He has just started sitting on the floor unassisted (we still have to put him in that position first, but nothing is holding him up) the day after his 1st birthday, 6mths later than my other two boys.


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