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    My DD is just over 4 months and insists on rolling to her tummy to sleep. We always put her down on her back but within minutes she has turned to her tummy. When I try to move her back she gets very cranky and wakes up. When I am able to watch her, I leave her there, but when I want to do other things and she will be out of my sight, am worried about her in that position cause she can't yet roll from front to back.

    She seems so much more settled on her stomach and I get longer sleeps from her, but I can't be watching her every time she is asleep? She grizzles as soon as she wakes on her tummy and I am normally only about 10 secs away from her. Should I be leaving her since she rolls there herself or should I be rolling her back onto her back?


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    If it helps at all, my DS slept on his tummy since he was about 2 weeks old. He just wouldn't settle being wrapped and on his back, so we switched to tummy and he was fine, slept much better. I still put him on his tummy now, but he usually rolls himself over, or sleeps on his side. I know its not recommended that they sleep on their belly. We have a breathing monitor which can put your mind at ease, if directions for use are followed properly.
    Good luck!!!

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    If she is able to roll herself there then she should be able to roll back if she needed too. Also, if she had good neck control and can move her head from side to side, I would be less worried. My DD is another that has been sleeping on her belly for a loooooooooong time - I just let her go!

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    My DD has been a tummy sleeper since about 6 weeks. She couldn't go to sleep on her back and sleeps beautifully on her front. She has good neck control, and many generations before us (including me!) slept on tummies. I think I have reduced SIDS risk factors everywhere else (linen, positioning, not too hot, no bumpers/toys, no smokers, good birth weight, breast fed etc etc) so am happy to let her. Depends on your comfort level with it....

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    Hey Heather. L is doing the same thing, although most of the time is happy to roll just onto his side, but I'll often find him on his tummy. I went through the same thing with DD and really, once they are rolling on their own there's not much you can do about it, you can't stand over her while she sleeps!

    You can get things like those Safe T Sleep wraps, but personally I'm not a fan, I don't think I'd like to be 'tied' into position while sleeping!

    I'm happy to let L go because he can lift his head and chest up and if he can't roll back over he cries out for me and I go in and flip him back. Eventually they will be able to do it all on their own.

    I think as Deirdre said, you eliminate all the risks you can and that's really all you can do.

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    thanks everyone..

    We have nothing in her cot except an airwrap, so will continue to let her stay on her tummy if that is where she chooses to sleep..

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