HI, Again,

I don't know if you read my last post - maybe you missed it? You baby can, and will breastfeed if you get the right support. It can seem like a great idea to express and feed the baby the milk - but as you are finding out, it is stressful and exhausting.
Can you tell me, how much milk is she having at each feed? How many feeds would she be having per day? Have you had her weighed since she was born? Is she back to her birthweight yet? (she may not be - usually by 2 weeks) If she is getting plenty of milk, and growing, then you could let her sleep longerif she will. Usually you find that babies this age will have one longish feed in 24 hours, which might be 3 hours, and then they will have another time in the day or night when they seem very unsettled - and want extra feeding or sucking. Sucking is very soothing for babies. It's about more than just food.
As others have suggested a baby sling is a fabulous thing. Maybe get your mum or dad to wear the baby, while you go and get some sleep!

Warm Regards


Sorry, I miss some answers to your questions. I feed DD about 6-7 feeds a day. Somedays, she demands 8 feeds/day. As of now, she is only 100ish gram away from her initial birth weight.