thread: Stomach SLeepers

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    May 2007

    Stomach SLeepers

    DD has decided she prefers to sleep on her belly and if i put her on her back in her anti-roll pillow/snuggler she will back scoot up the bed so she is out of it and then roll onto her belly.

    HOw do you get over the fear of them sleeping face down?

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    Feb 2006

    if she can roll she should be fine!! sophie sleeps longer if she's on her tummy, so i prefer it!!

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    Jan 2007

    It a tough one isn't it!? Since Izzy has started rolling she prefers to sleep on either her side or tummy, no matter what we do she simply kicks her covers off and over she goes. I've decided that seeing as she is strong enough to roll and hold her head up she can lift it to the side. Now that it's summer too I have been just using a sleeping bag and nothing else for her too -on the odd night that its cool I tuck her in tightly with her blankets over her bag and she stays on her side.

    Not sure there is much you can do hun - but like I said, if she is strong enough to roll then she is strong enough to hold her head over to the side. I would think the anti-roll thing is just bothering her and probably more of a hazard than a help if she is getting around it so I wouldn't use it. JMO!

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    THanks girls.
    Yes she is strong enough to lift her head and if she is completely face down she puts her little hands under her eyes (looks funny when she wakes like a panda).
    BUt she isnt rolling belly to back yet and i guess that is what worries me.

    I never thought of removing the anti-roll? should it?
    I still swaddle her most nights to and like my other post just put the bumper up!

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    My DD is a tummy sleep now too. I worried about it at first and had the motion sensor thing on, but like the others have said, if your little girl can lift her head she'll be fine. I just accept now that Izzy will be on her tummy within 3 seconds of being in her cot. I'd definitely move the anti-roll thingy though and stop wrapping her too - wrapping might get her a bit tangled up.

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    Thanks lulu- how old is lulu?
    And congrats on the pregnancy! That is wonderful to have them so close together!

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    Izzy's nearly 7 months, so 12 months gap! She started sleeping on her tummy about Ashley's age.

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    Nov 2007

    I freaked out the first time my DD slept on her tummy (would have been about 7mths)she had a shocking head cold and I guess it probably helped her to breathe clearer or was more comfortable I called the child hotline who told me that although it wasn't ideal she was obviously more comfortable this way. It wasn't till after this that I was looking at a photo album of myself at the same age and found a photo that could easily have been my daughter, the sleep position was identical. I guessed there was no point in fighting it past this point. She's now 17mths and a fully fledged tummy sleeper!!!

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