thread: Suggestions for baby monitor

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    Exclamation Suggestions for baby monitor

    Does anyone have suggestions for what baby monitor we should get? Any thoughts on the Angel care one?

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    We have an angel care moniter & a fisher price lights & sounds moniter - We don't use the angel care one since it showed that Scarlet was still breathing just because i had the ceiling fan on... I think they're too sensitive, but that's just my opinion. The lights & sounds moniter was way cheaper & definately does the job

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    We have the angel care monitor and swear by it. It makes me feel safe knowing the alarm will go off should the unthinkable happen and our little Princess stop breathing. We used it for our son also and never had a false alarm. Very highly recommended!

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    Apr 2007

    i had brought a angel care on but a feww people said that theres just went off for slight breeze from the fan so took mine back.. but then again some people swear by them!!!

    i have a basic childcare one and to be honest i didnt use it that much!!

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    I heard that the Angel Care monitors are excellent so I bought one from Target for almost $70 off at the time, sometimes they are on special!! It comes with a movement pad too that you can put in the bassinette or cot when they are asleep. I've had lots of friends swear by them!

    My little one is due any day now (HURRY UP!) so I'm looking forward to using it...

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    We have Fisher Price lights and sound and love it. We actually tried two others before this - one was a Roger Armstrong, cant remember the other one but they were really static. Both companies said it was interference from electical equipment so to unplug phone and internet when using it.. Um, no thanks! The fisher price is great - have had no problems. On the highest setting we can even hear DS breathing.

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    Sleep easy lights and sounds, used it a bit at first but DD's cries soon became louder than any monitor LOL, good for popping out to the front garden to weed or hanging clothes out when DD was asleep.

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    We use (Still) the babysense II breathing monitor. It comes with a sound monitor. We've had a couple of false alarms with it, and when we moved onto floorboards we checked if the computer etc would simulate breathing. The puters did, so we placed the cot on an old mousepad (neoprene style) we cut up into 4.

    It gives us peace of mind, but if Pip's having a restless night I still hold him close to me.

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    I have an angelcare one and would never go without one again.. I have the new model with the night light and temperature thing.. Worth its weigh in gold to be honest... Ebay has some good bargains for them though..

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