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Thread: Sunburn :( Need suggestions!!

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    Unhappy Sunburn :( Need suggestions!!

    OMG what have I done to my baby!
    Here's the story:
    I went to go to mothers group, but it didn't look like anyone was there. So I drove to go to the waterfront have a 10 min walk then head back. But I stopped at th Lota Creek Mangrove boardwalking area (on Whites Road - for those of you in Wynnum QLD). However, I thought that it was just a walk to a lookout of sorts. No, it went right thru to another road. There was also a trail, so thinking it was a 10 min trail, I decided to take it. 1 hour! Most of it was under trees. When we got back to the car, I was hot and sticky and itchy and decided to go home for a nice cold bath. In that bath, I saw that Jensen had a bit of a red arm. Hoping to delude my self that it wasn't sunburn, I thought it may have been more of his heat rash/ other rash that he has. After 2 hrs, in which we both napped for an hour, I noticed it definately sunburn! And its bad... spesh on a baby. Its on both arms and legs, one side more than the other. And a lil on his cheeks.

    OMG, what can I do? I put some sorbolene on it but I rang DH and he said to go and get some aloe vera, preferably a plant, and put that on him. I mentioned that when you're sunburnt you tend to be more thirsty, and atm, I have this feeling that he's just not getting enough from me - but thats another story. DH said maybe some cooled boiled water if he wants it after he's been breastfed.

    What else can I do? I feel so terrible that I've done this. He's only just 5mths old and already his first sunburn. Not really something to put in the baby book.
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    Aloe vera is good and if you can't find the plant you might try asking at a chemist (they could also let you know if it's okay to use on a young baby). I have pawpaw ointment that I use for a lot of things on my DD, perhaps that would be okay if aloe is not?

    I would offer him extra bfs rather than water, that will quench his thirst and give him some comfort if he's a little sore.

    Don't beat yourself up about it, you're not a bad mother!

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    First of all, DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. It happens.

    (Olivia was a similar age when she got her first sunburn.) NO GUILT!

    Aloe vera from a chemist would be the trick. Then, once the red has gone, sorbolene on the skin to keep it moist.

    And plenty of water for you, and just keep offering the breast.

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    Ring the nurse online hotline. If it's over a certain % of his body you might have to take him to the drs. They can dehydrate quickly.


    ETA - I wouldn't use sorbolene, keep sponging him down with cool water (maybe use cotton wool) he may still be burning.
    Give him boiled cooled water - even off a spoon is a good idea.

    Do call the hotline, they are very good and won't make you feel bad or anything.
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    Put some rectinol cream on it twice a day for 2 days. This is usually used for haemorrhoids but it has a mild anaesthetic in it. And it also moisturises the skin. I have seen this used a few times for sunburn with great results

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    Be careful with aloe, check first in a small area to be sure he doesn't have an allergic reaction. I'd also take him to the dr's I don't want to alarm you but I was hospitalised twice as a child from sunburn. Just on the off chance it blisters iykwim? I am ultra paranoid because of what happened to me as a child and Paris still got a blister the size of a 5c piece one day...

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    It happens.. We don't mean it to but it does. don't beat yourself up about it.. I know thats hard to do

    I do nothing to sunburn. I just leave it.. and cool baths. and as for more to drink just offer the breast more if he wants or cooled boiled water if ou want..

    yesterday I went walking with my kids and we left in the morning and i didn't even think about it and forgot hats and suncream. My poor 2 yr old got sunburnt thighs ( he was in a stroller) I bought sunscream as soon as i got to the shop and slathered us all in it.. but as you see it happens

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