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Thread: Swaddling dilema

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    Default Swaddling dilema

    I am not to sure what to do with this one. DS is nearly 6 months old and still being swaddled, but in the last few days he has really started to protest about it, however if I leave his arms unswaddled he busily pulls his dummy out of his mouth, pulls his ears, scratch his face, rubs his eyes etc and he doesnt sleep very well, not usually longer than 1 sleep cycles before he needs reswaddling.
    Even if I do get him off to sleep swaddled he escapes not long after and wakes himself up.
    So what should I do, perserver (sp?) with him being unswaddled and hope he learns or keeps swaddling and reswaddling when he wakes?

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    Maybe "wean" him off being swaddled? Swaddle him with one arm free for a few days, then both arms free. Put an additional rug over him to tuck him in really tightly so he still has that secure feeling? You might be in for a few rough days while he gets used to sleeping a new way.

    Sorry if that's not much help. My DS was out of his swaddle by the time he was 6 weeks old (a very kicky baby) so what I described above is what I did, and then I transferred him to a lightweight sleeping bag with a cot cellular blanket tucked in tightly around him. I put rolled up towels down the side of the cot mattress to make the blanket really tight and snug.

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