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Thread: Teething or sick???

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    Default Teething or sick???

    Hi there,

    My baby girl is 5 months and 1 week old and has been acting a little out of sorts the last few days. Before she was either sleeping through or waking once for a feed. Now she has been waking between 3-4 times and she is harder to settle back to sleep. She has had a cough for about a week but it seems to come and go. She has also been pulling on her right ear sometimes. Her gums look a little paler than normal but I can't see teeth coming through.

    Any suggestions as to what it could be? Do you think I should take her to the Doctor?

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    If she's pulling at her ears and irritable then she may have an ear infection which is very common in babies. Best thing to do is take her to the dr, cause if she does have an ear infection then she'll she need antibiotics. Have you been giving her anything for the cough? Mention it to the dr, but you might just need to get something over the counter from the chemist for it.

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    sorry not much advice i can give
    its so hard to say it could be one or the other or both! or even something completly IMO i would take her to the doctor, it may even be a ear always best to get it checked

    let us know how u go

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    It is hard to say until you see the teeth, but if you are worried best you go see the doc. As someone mentioned it could be an ear infection....does bubs have a temp? Charlie got his first two teeth at just 6months and was the same, woke several times a night and would not settle, would not eat/drink a thing and he too got a cough & runny nose. I also have a friend who took her bubs to the doc several times as she had a cough that would not go away, she also had several teeth come through at the same time. So it could be teeth....have you tried any teething gel at night? If that settles bubs then you know that's prob what it is.

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    Is she having/nearing a wonder week?

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    Kim, What do you mean by a wonder week??

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    A wonder week is a development stage. Every couple of weeks babies/toddlers will go through this. There is a book called 'The Wonder Weeks' which goes into detail about these development stages, like what's happening to the child, and how you can help. It's a great book, well worth the read.
    How is your DD today?

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