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Thread: Teething? Your thoughts please!

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    Question Teething? Your thoughts please!

    Hi everyone,

    I am after a bit of advice!!

    My gorgeous little man is 5 months old today however he has gone off his bottles a little bit. He has 4-6 feeds a day and the tin of formula recommends he should be drinking 240ml at each feed but sometimes he only drinks 120ml. This has been going on the past few days... it's a little strange as he usually drinks at least 180ml or just a little less. So I am wondering if he may be starting to teeth?! He woke up from his nap before with a rosey red cheek which was a little warm to touch in one spot. He had this the other day too... it seems to fade though after a few hours. I have felt his gums and had a look in his mouth but can't see any signs of teeth as yet!

    What are your thoughts on this? Have your bubs gone off their food a little when teething?


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    DS got 2 teeth at 3 months, so its not too early. infact some bubs are born with a tooth..
    Has he been drooling a lot, chewing his finger etc?

    With the weather being a bit warmer it may affect his drinking, but teething could too as the sucking aciton can be unconfortable. Is there any swelling on his gums (look for it to swell outwards - I expected it to swell at the top where the teeth came thru for some reason, but they usually swell out at the front.

    WRT the formula - don't expect your DS's hunger to follow the formula company's expectations When DS went on to formula at six months, he rarely drank over 180ml, some feeds he's only have 100, others he'd skull the lot and look around for more. I actually stopped making the bottles to 240ml as he rarely drank it and it was just a waste.
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    Oooh so the gum does swell outwards!! I didn't know that but noticed today that Oskar's top gum is swollen out.

    Oshani... yep Oskar went off his food when he started getting his first tooth (only 1 month, but then he got his appetite back once it popped through.. actually after the second one cos they were very close together in coming through.

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    My daughters teeth started decending when she was about 2 months old! She's 3 1/2 months old now and I can feel the little teeth starting to poke through!

    When my daughter is having trouble with her teeth, she cries (gee, weird eh! :P). If she's hungry, she'll try to latch on to the breast, she'll suck for a moment then come off crying again. When this happens I know its her teeth and I put some bonjella on her gums (i know she's under 4 months but I got permission from my GP). Is baby drooling a lot? Sucking his bottle then spitting it out or chewing on it? If he's just off his food, it may not be teeth (though I'm certainly no expert).

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    My DD doesn't have any teeth yet although she has 'bulges' so they are on the way. But she would sometimes just go off her milk for a few days and then suddenly drink more again. I was told its quite normal! Also she has never had what it says on the formula tin, usually a lot less. If he has red cheeks then maybe his teeth are moving around a bit and making him uncomfortable.

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