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Thread: toddler seat ok for 16mth old ?

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    Default toddler seat ok for 16mth old ?

    We are expecting baby #2 in a months time and my DD will be 16 mths... I have been looking at double/tandem prams and am not a huge fan of either.

    Do you think it is ok to have DD in a toddler seat attachment for a normal pram from the age of 16 months? - I find that I tend to go out (shopping etc) between her naps and she is falling asleep less and less in the pram.. I figure she will be dropping one of her day sleeps soon too so she would be even less likely to fall asleep in the pram as she gets older(?) Also if we are out for a long day, we could always put the newborn in the baby bjorn if DD looks like she may sleep..

    Am I being realistic?


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    Sounds pretty reasonable to me. Matilda was almost 2 1/2 when Jovie was born & still sat in the toddler seat. She didn't sleep in the pram, but wanted to be in it. She only now at almost 4 is willing to walk more. So the toddler seat on our pram has been a lifesaver. We have a phil & ted and the toddler seat has a tall back on it, so it is great for big days when she wants to rest.

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    We have a Phil & Ted also, and my DD will be 21 months old when this bub arrives, and I expect will still be happy to sit in a pram when walking or shopping.

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