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Thread: Top 3 things you didn't need for baby

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    I cant think of anything we got for Abby and we dont use.

    Tho, the change table/bath combo only got used a couple of times, BUT i love it as storage and have all her wraps, cloth nappies, towles and fash washers in it. Im glad we have it.

    We have a glider chair that i dont use, but it was a gift. DF uses it sometimes when feeding her tho. Its not something i would buy for myself.

    OH!! yes! i found someting. The baby monitor. Just never got good reception and we have a rather small house so its not really needed. Also, we got a jolly jumper as a gift and i cant figure out how to put it on her and tie it up properly so its been used once.

    Oh and can i say our isis breast pump was usless... i couldnt get any milk to come out using that!! (:frown: could have been me tho)

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    what we didn't need

    - loads of plush teddies (we're space poor and trying to avoid dust mites)
    - pink and white girly clothing, and things with teddies and rabbits and ducks all over them
    - small wraps (had a long baby so the short wraps lasted all of one week!)

    stuff i am so glad we got

    - wonderful handmade changetable (2nd hand) nicer than anything i saw in shops
    - the modern cloth nappies (solved the nappy rash problem)
    - good quality socks that became the mittens she coudln't get off

    i actually don't mind the woollen booties that we got given by lovely old ladies who knit, i can make them stay on by tying the laces on them, they're holey so great for ventilation. Only problem is when you're changing a nappy and calisthenic baby gets bootie covered foot up in The Danger Zone of Poo!

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    I know I'm not a mom, but I lived with my oldest brother for the 2 years helping his raise his daughter (his crazy g.f got pregnant, didn't want the baby but he did. He said if she had the baby he would take full custody of it and she wouldn't have to have anything to do with it...she agreed and hasn't seen the baby since the csection...He only lives like 5 minutes from my parents house and he works night shift so for two years he watched her during the days when he didn't have to work and she went to my parents when he was sleeping during the day..and I watched her at night after school...Family effort lol...but he met a wonderful girl just after Shanna was born and they're married now so they don't need me anymore...point of this story is that I have delt with I'm going to throw my two cents in lol)

    We never used the monitor, baby knapsac thing (the one you put the baby in and strap on your front) or those silly baby cd's

    we couldn't have lived without the bassinet, since she was always moved from my bros bedroom to my bedroom it was the easiest thing to move around until she started sleeping in her crib in her room)

    we never had issues with too many clothes because there wasn't a baby shower (it might be weird having a baby shower for the dad...since the mom didn't want anything to do with the baby she never had one either) ..and mom told everone up front to buy bigger clothes and most ppl did.....and I had a friend who worked at the babystore in town (small town so thats where most people shopped) so she let me exchange sizes on the clothes that we never used...

    anyways..this is way too long and i've got to get to class...just thought I'd throw out my two cents...but it seems I had to explain alot so it was like a whole dollars worth ...

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    Ooooh, one of my favourite/best things that we bought too was a glide/rocking chair! It's AWESOME! We had it in Riley's room before he was born but quickly moved it to the lounge room so I could watch TV or be with hubby while feeding. It has come in soooo handy because of Riley's reflux and he was very unsettled for the first 3 months of his life... I got mine on ebay for half price and it's probably the best thing we bought (other than the Angelcare monitor)!

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    1. Baby powder, got heaps of it and never used it, same with all the lotions etc....

    2. Baby bath seat.

    3. Newborn hats, booties and mittens

    I use my monitor all the time and also the change table.

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    i have a monitor with a screen on it so you can see into the room which is really cool and i use a lot.

    1. grow bags! she co-sleeps (only way she will sleep) and so just uses our blankets. plus i listened to the advice of the sale rep and got the wrong tog!!! argh!

    2. lamp and musical mobile from babies galore! lamp was $80 (she never goes in her own room just ours) and mobile was $50 which plays music for about 15 seconds!!!

    3. baby bath aid that they are supposed to sit in during bath times. (they just don't seem safe to me).

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    pram - we use a sling(then a trolley or stroller).
    cot - we co-sleep. actually, it is now being used sidecarred to our bed:P
    changetable - we used a foam mat on the table, then the floor

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    1. Way to many clothes, we were given alot and I went overboard.
    2. Wraps/Bunny rugs, we were given a heap of them as well.
    3. Toys/Stuffed animals, what can babies do so many of these???

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    Wow i use my change table, high chair and baby monitor everyday! They are such an important part of Joshuas routine. The things we didnt use are
    1)bottle warmer
    2)bassinet (Josh hated it for some reason, he loved his cot)
    3)soft toys!

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