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Thread: washing her hair is a problem......

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    Default washing her hair is a problem......

    hi just a question my 20 month old just hates having her hair washed or even getting water on her face or ears its a nightmare when we need to wash her hair...? any advice?

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    You can buy rubber rings that go around the head and keep all the water off the face... sort of like a large brimmed hat with nothing on the head part!! I never used one, but a friend loves it. I always layed my kids down in the bath and washed hair that way. Good luck!!!

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    Moving this to Baby & Toddler General Discussion.

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    Our DD hates this too so we bought one of those shower hose thigns that you can connect to the bath tap(no idea of their proper name sorry) and i just get her to put her head back and its easier to wash the shampoo out.

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