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Thread: weaned toddler trying to suck

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    Default weaned toddler trying to suck

    Hi All. Kai (now 21 mths) weaned himself at 17.5 months. Last night while we were in the bath he tried to have a little suck. He's very interested in the boobies at the moment as we're expecting no 2 in 13 wks, so I've been pointing out women who are breast feeding and trying to get him used to what is going to happen.

    I know I didn't react very well....I pulled away and said "no, no, the boobies are for babies". He didn't seem too concerned, just carried on examining them.

    I don't really know how to handle it. I know I'm a bit of a prude, and I know it's strange that I was happy for him to suck on them a few months ago, but it just feels wierd. On the other hand, I don't want him to feel left out or anything. And if BBC2 likes to feed as much as he did, I'll be doing a lot of it! What are your thoughts/experiences?


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    Makon was weaned at 9/10 months and we had arquene when he was 22 months. he was interested in them to i have let him try but he has forgotten what to do! he thinks its like a straw.
    even now he will say 'makon want a feed?' and i will pretend to feed him he does the same to my husband as well!

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    I have heard that when you start to deveop colostrum that they can remember & show more interest....

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    As Sarah said, it's apparently fairly normal. I was devastated when Jack self-weaned while I was pg, but when he asked for a drink of "Tom's milk" one day I was a bit taken aback and not sure what to do. He lost interest before I had time to decide anyway and never asked again. But I know of others who have started feeding the toddler again - it's a great way to lessen any jealousy.

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