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  • 00000 or smaller

    24 20.34%
  • 0000

    60 50.85%
  • 000

    30 25.42%
  • 00

    4 3.39%
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Thread: What size was your baby wearing at birth?

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    Good ole NZ !!


    Alexa weighed 1.6kg when born & 00000 were too big for her for quite awhile.. she was 2 months prem...

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    chaz was 7p1ounce he was in 0000 for about 4 weeks

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    Xander - was 57cm long, and 9lb2oz, so he went straight into 000. 6 weeks old, he was in 00!! :eek:

    Declan - was in 0000 for about 1 week, until he decided to stretch his legs, then it was 000's.

    Anneliese - admittedly, she was 10w prem, untilshe was 3 weeks, she wore baby born clothes (and pumpkin patch teddy bear clothes)then she was in 00000 until about 2 months, 0000 up until about 3 weeks ago (when we acked them all away) and now we are finally fully in 000's, and even fitting into a couple of 00 things!!

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    *Kristee* Guest


    Tarleha was in 00000 but they were even too big, all newborn and premmie was still too big and she was 6pnd 10.
    She is now 7mnths today!! And still in 0000.....000 tops fit but her waist is tiny and 0000 are still bit big around waist. Need to make belts smaller.

    She was 3 days late too so not as if she was premmie.
    Docs ssays she is a happy and healthy VERY PETITE little girl

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    Lucas fitted into the one 0000 suit I had at birth, but all the 000 ones I had looked fine on him. Now at almost 5mths he's in 0 :eek: and a couple of those don't fit his chubby arms & legs :biggrin:

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    00000 for the first 4 weeks and he was 6lb 8oz and 48cm long when he was born.

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