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Thread: What's in your Pre-Toddler/Toddler Nappy Bag

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    Question What's in your Pre-Toddler/Toddler Nappy Bag


    I have a 9mth old DS who is using Cloth Nappies, cruises along the furniture and happily devours foods.

    I never know what to pack in a nappy bag for him. I always forget to take him food, either have too many or too little amount of nappies, forget spare clothes for him.

    I take a few bags (his small back pack - which is his main nappy bag), a green bag with some more nappies in and another to put the dirty ones in. What happens when it gets cold? Do I pack spare clothes for all weather? We seem to end up at MIL's a lot so pack pjs too.

    I get so frustrated that I forget.

    What do I need?!

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    I pack my bags when I get home from an outing, that way it's ready whenever you want to pick up and go.

    In my everyday bag (my backpack that goes everywhere) we have a spare wondersuit (JIC of a mega leaky poo), 3 nappies, bum cream and a change mat, 2 dummies, a bib and usually a toy or two. I also take a small bag with some rusks, a spoon and a jar of food, for any times when we get caught out or stay longer than usual. We're never too far from home, but when we move we'll be spending more time in the car and I will keep an emergency bag with a few extra nappies and a jar or two more of food in the boot. HTH

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    Alex is a bit older then your DS but I have kind of learned to consolidate along the way as otherwise I end up with waaaay too much to carry. So atm I carry with me in my small backpack:
    2 x nappies
    wipe container
    nappy poo bag thingy
    2 x dummies (can't wait till those go!)
    1 x small plastic container filled with snacks eg sultanas, crackers
    1 x water bottle

    and thats it.

    If I know I am going somewhere at nightime then I will add a pair of pj's too. Or if the day is looking a bit "iffy" I might pack a jumper just in case.

    I will say tho that in my car as a standard I have a bag of toys/books so if I wanted too I could always grab one of those and I also keep raincoats and hats always in the car too. For some reason I always seem to end up with a million and one pairs of shoes in the car.


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    For Harrison... we have about 5 nappies, wipes, nappy poo bags, hand cleaner, a muslin (mainly for use as a change mat) 2 spare changes of clothes, 2-3 bibs, 2 dummies, and I usually grab a piece of fruit like a mandarin or similar... and some crackers and cubed cheese before I go anywhere.
    Being that Harrison is older, I can usually grab him a sandwich while I am out, but I like to have some healthy-ish foods for him to much on too... mandarins are a fave as they're easy to peel and break into portions.

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    My nappy bag is usually the same - one change of clothes, 2-3 nappies, wipes, changemat, couple of toys and rusks (DD not eating solids). I ALWAYS have in car spare toys, blankets, nappies so I don't have to lug them round but know they are there. If we're going somewhere for whole day I might put in extra change of clothes though usually that change is PJ's (once clothes pooed through she gets PJ'S!!! hee hee - mean mummy!).

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    DD is 20 months, in our bag we always have 4 nappies, wipes, changemat and cream, then I just add what I need for that day, food, snacks, water, small toys if I need a distraction.
    In summer I keep sun hat and sunscreen in there, winter I'll take her jacket and beanie JIC its needed.

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    Wev've just refined our bag. I always have one bottle (2 if going out for the whole day), water bottle, dummy + 1 spare, 3 nappies, change mat, nappy sacks, bum wipes, wet ones (for face and hands), hand sanitizer, a book or toy, sleep buddy, either a sun hat or beanie, jumper, spare t shirt, bib, snacks (usually 1 x fruit, 2 x biscuit, 1 x small sultana pack, 1 x cheese so she has choice). If we're going out somewhere she is likely to get super messy or wet or if we're going out over dinner time, I'll take a change of clothes/PJ's otherwise I leave a spare set in the car for emergencies. I've also started taking mittens on colder days incase her little hands get icey. Sunny days I take spare sunscreen with me because her skin is so fine.
    Our change mat is one of those nappy wallet things so it holds the nappies, nappy sacks (plastic bags you put them in), wipes, and hand sanitiser. I usually hang this off the pram on it's own (or stash underneath the pram) or loop it on the back pack.

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    I have:

    - 2 or 3 nappies for Tom depending on how long we will be out, and 2 pairs of undies for Jack.
    - a change of clothes each
    - wipes and a wet bag for used wipes and either nappies or undies/clothes as needed
    - a water bottle each (including one for me!)
    - a pack of sultanas each
    - a couple of books or small toys for distractions when needed
    - a travel pack of tissues (you know the little packs of 10 tissues, one or two of those)
    - sometimes a bib each depending on where we are going.

    MIL always has pjs, spare clothes, sippy cups for Tom, normal cups for Jack, kiddy bowls and cutlery and lots of toys at her place, so we never need to take those things.

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    I always have

    1-2 nappies
    2 dummies
    nappy bag thingys
    nappy cream/powder
    change of clothes

    Now that i think about it, i reckon i might buy a little kids back pack, don't really need a big tote bag anymore....

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    I hate carting lots around so my biggest tip is at all times i leave a bag in the boot of my car with spare nappies, a change of clothes, wipes, bibs, blankets a dummy etc so when i do go out if i forget anything major i usually have a back up in the car

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    i usually forget stuff too. but i have found if i leave a bag of nappies and wipes in the boot then if i have forgotten them (or even the nappy bag) then i have some at hand. it has been a life saver many times!

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