: When did you first bond with your baby?

  • Immediately after birth

    37 50.00%
  • After a few hours

    9 12.16%
  • About a day or two

    9 12.16%
  • One week

    1 1.35%
  • Two weeks or longer

    15 20.27%
  • Can't remember!

    3 4.05%

thread: When did you first bond with your baby?

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    Mar 2005
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    you know that feeling parents talk about where they would run in front of a bus to save their child? i remember feeling that way when DS was 2 months old, before that i used to feel guilty casue if i had to choose between DH or DS i would have chosen DH without a second thought. about a month ago i really fell head over heels for DS and there is no question i would choose him over anyone or anything. i think it is because his reflux is finally settling down.

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    May 2004

    Bonding with Emily took quite a few weeks. She was my first baby and we were separated for nearly two days after her birth as she was in the nursery. So basically I went down there when she had to be fed. When I brought her home she felt like a bit of a stranger for quite a while. I look back now and I don't remember feeling distressed that she was in the nursery without me...weird.

    Toby was a different story altogether, the bond with him was instant. He was born by c/section so I couldn't hold him straight away (my BP dropped and I was really weak for a couple of hours) but even before I held him I remember ordering my DH and my mother to get him out of his crib and hold him because I was really upset that someone wasn't holding him....total opposite to my daughter's birth. I just felt very attached to him immediately....I think it's because he was born the day after my b'day and we're both Librans - we gotta stick together LOL.

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    Dec 2006
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    I think i was still a bit scared of being a mum when jacob was delivered by emergancy C section.... they wrapped him up and I met him straight away but was still pretty WOWED out about the whole thing..... they wheeled me back to my room and I went to sleep and he was in the nursery.... about 1or 2ish in the morning they bought him in and she opened my gown and put him on my chest to nuzzle in.......... ooooohhhhhhhhhhhh and at that moment I met my new best friend!!!!!

    It took another few weeks for me to get used to everything and then one day I had the most IMMENSE feeling of love and protectivness.... that was a very awesome feeling... I was very scared that I was going to be a terrible mother..... but I think i am doing GREAT now!

    Yep... bonding is a hard thing to define... to me its just about what is in ones heart


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    Oct 2006

    I'm not sure if it's because I had a caesar but I didn't feel like I could bond with my son straight away. They gave him to me a few hours after the birth and I felt really distant. Not what I was expecting at all, I felt so in love with bub during pregnancy but so unconnected after the birth. It took a while to believe that he was truely mine.

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    Sep 2005
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    Charlie got flown to melbourne the day he was born so i never got to hold him or anything till i got to melbourne 36 hours later. I knew i loved him the minute i seen him - but the minute i held him everything hit home!

    Couldn't live without him now!

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    Dec 2005

    Definately immediately after birth. I think because a) we'd been waiting so long for a baby and b) my labour was the best experience Ive ever had! If it had been awful then that probably would have made a big difference.

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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    The second Maddy was placed up on my chest, I knew she would be mine forever & I loved every inch of her & she looked into my eyes & that was it, we have been best mates ever since & will be for life!

    With Indah she was also delivered up onto my cest & she fed instantlky & I loved her little wrinkly , slimy body & for atleast 5 mins DH, Mum & I all stared lovingly at this pink baby on me then a nurse asked what sex the baby was & Dh lifted a leg & said we got another daughter! No matter boy or girl we were all instantly in love with her & later that night she looked at me whilst i fed her & I knew she was gonna be stubborn, but I was also so in love! OOOH cant wiat to do it again, & again! LOL...