thread: When they go quiet.....

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    Feb 2010
    on a big patch of paradise.

    When they go quiet.....

    Don't leave it to long to go and check what they are up to.

    My girls have in the 2 minutes I went to the loo managed to pull out 3 and half packs of wetwipes AND had a little baby powder party.
    I just love the proud, look at what we did faces when I opened the door.

    What have your LO done when your back has been turned?

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    Oct 2007
    Middle Victoria

    Miss 2 y.o. cracked 3 eggs into a bowl in the kitchen while i was looking up a recipe in the loungeroom.

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    Mar 2008

    Drew on the curtains in crayon. We have those roller blind things that have to be unscrewed to pull down and clean. The joys!

    Actually drawing is a big culprit here. She's got a hidden stash of textas I'm sure. She's drawn on the couch, the wall and the carpet. Ironically she was drawing on the carpet when I was cleaning the blinds.

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    Jul 2009
    Out North, Vic

    Ohh it's endless really - DD1 cut off all of DD2's hair while i was doing paperwork, they play in the sink in the bathroom, have drawn on walls, climbed a ladder - um yeah GREAT parenting skills here

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    Sep 2010
    North West Victoria, Australia

    While running around nappyless, did a big poop and then started "painting" the lino with it and my hairbrush.

    She hasn't been nappyless since.

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    Oct 2007
    Middle Victoria

    Ironically she was drawing on the carpet when I was cleaning the blinds.
    you have to laugh or you will cry moment

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    Jul 2007

    Draw with texta on couch and table and laptop and each other.
    Empty all books off book shelf
    Baby wipes and sudocream party
    Shove random things down toliet (nappy, toilet roll, toys)
    Play in sink and get water everywhere
    Strip bed
    Empty box of jigsaws all out.

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    Sep 2005
    In the middle of nowhere

    empty a box of washing powder out
    get into my make up
    make a 'cake' in my new loungeroom and get red food dye all over the carpet

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    Aug 2008

    Unravelled my knitting
    Ate out of the bin
    Drew on the walls but burst into tears immediately after, she must have known it wasn't the right thing to do.

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    Nov 2008
    in the ning nang nong

    drawn in crayon all over the floor.

    drawn in crayon all over the walls.

    eaten half a crayon.

    "moisturised" legs with yoghurt.

    made a nest out of books.

    emptied out the nappy bag.

    chewed a stress ball into tiny little pieces.

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    Oct 2009
    surrounded by textbooks, cat toys and love

    Climbed three levels on the cat scratcher.

    Climbed onto the table.

    Dumped the washing out of the basket, turned it over and then climbed on it.

    Picked up a cat and put it in the toy box (although that one got noisy quite quickly).

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    Oct 2006

    Haha some of these are so funny. NOT funny at the time though!

    Unravelled rolls of toilet paper and shoved them down the toilet (toilet got blocked argh!)
    Cracked eggs on my kitchen floor
    Drawing on my new cushion covers
    Using my makeup on each other and ruining my newest lip gloss
    Tipping the dog biscuits out onto the laundry floor

    I'm sure there are more lol!

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    Nov 2008
    on the verge of greatness!

    oh, we have a doozy one here!!! The other week DS ate, yes ATE, a glass eye dropper while 'playing' in his room. Not sure where he found it but when i checked on him and his sister he pulled it out of his bloody, cut mouth and said "yummy mummy"!!!

    That was definitely not so funny, it took three very very large Kahlua's to stop me shaking 2 hours later after an ambo trip!! (he's fine by the way).

    But they've unrolled an entire roll of flushable liners!
    Emptied two boxes of nappies
    Pulled all the wipes out of the refill pack!!! 240 bloody wipes!!!
    regularly empties his draws all over his floor.
    Up ended his 4 toy boxes in the lounge and then put the empty toy containers (plastic storage boxes) ontop of one another on the lounge and climbed on top. when he fell off his crusheds his big toe under one and killed the nail.
    Emptied the utensil drawer... except this was 3am and Dh saw him hot footing it back to hsi room with a wooden spoon and whisk.
    Washing powder culprits here too! both of them!
    Pulled all, and there's loads, ALL his books out of his bookshelf
    climbed on top of his father's boat and was using the cover like a trampoline

    My son is 2! I'm not looking forward to the next 20 years!!!

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    Sep 2010
    North West Victoria, Australia

    I don't even want to mention the time when DD got into our "special drawer" with "special toys" and other "special stuff".

    Lets just say that I would have died if someone was here when she came walking out with something battery operated.

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    Feb 2010
    on a big patch of paradise.

    Wow, you mummies have had some great moments. Makes my girls seem fairly quiet. This is the first real incident they have had, DD2 does tend to draw on the floors a bit but only because she misses the colouring book she is trying to colour.
    As I type I turn around to see the girls empting the kitchen bottom draw which has a bit of everything in it.

    Charlotte, DD1 walked into our loungeroom once when she was about 11months with a certian battery operated device but it was inside a sock. My mum happened to be in the lounge room at the time but if she saw she never said anything.

    Grub, that would have been super scary. Glad all is okay.

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    Jul 2008

    another moisturiser here - cept that my ds used tzatziki all over his legs

    drawn in pencil on the wall - this was only a couple of weeks ago

    regularly pinches things out of a kitchen drawer to use as part of a game. the whisk, wooden spoons & potato ricer are favourites.

    but mostly ive been quite lucky so far...touch wood. he does wander out wearing a pair of high heels every so often...apparently more managable than his dad's size 13 shoes

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    Jul 2008

    Grub I think I would have needed the whole bottle!!

    Drawing on walls
    Eating dry dog food

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    Apr 2009
    In a place where Love is what we breathe!

    When they go quiet...


    There goes another red lippy!!