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    I have so many...makes me sounds like a terrible parent! Although it's usually done while I was bf'ing or putting a baby into bed. And I remember them so well, cause I have written alot of it down in their baby books!

    DD has-
    Painted herself in sudocreme
    Painted her brother in sudocreme
    Drawn on her bed, carpet and walls in permanent texta
    Put a whole packet of new toilet rolls into the loo and flushed it
    Emptied out several packs of food onto the floor
    'Washed' her shoes int he bathroom sink
    Gone into the rain to play
    Cut DS1's hair

    DS1 has-

    Drawn on the carpet with texta in a line from our lounge room, down the hallway and to the front room
    Opened the wood fire (not on!!) and throw ash all over the lounge room
    Emptied an almost-full kitchen bin
    Thrown three baskets full of folded ready to pack away clothes all over the spare room floor
    Eaten almost a whole tube of kids toothpaste
    Gone out into the mud just after a rain storm and tracked mud from front door to back
    Drawn on the dining chairs

    DS2 has-

    Gotten onto the dining table while I ran a bath and thrown the dinner food scraps onto the floor
    Thrown folded washing everywhere like his brother used to
    Drawn on the wall (thankfully with a kids washable texta!)
    Gotten into the kitchen and dropped two jars of food on the floor and smashed them
    Played in the toilet if the big kids don't shut the door after they go to the loo
    Pooped on the carpet during nappy free time, more than once. I have finally learnt my lesson.....

    All of them have emptied packs of wipes and boxes of tissues and nappies.
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    ...where jumping on the bed is mandatory!

    just the other day dd2 (14 months) emptied a bag of flour on the floor and then dd1 got involved and i had two naked snow white children, all in a matter of about 4 minutes!! turns out flour is not the easiest to wash out of hair!

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    DD went through a stage when she was little of getting into the flour of all things, she was obsessed with it and it made such a blinking mess! It used to drive me up the wall but thank goodness she grew out of it

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    Empty all clothes out of there drawers.
    Empty toy boxes out then walk away and leave.

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    Where to start?
    Drawing on walls
    Throwing eggs
    Baby wipes
    Sudocream all over the windows in her room.
    Bubble bath smeared all over the bathroom
    Cereal emptied onto floor
    Drawing all over the tv
    Walking up and down the hallway with a pen in her hand...

    She's only 2

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    What HASN'T my child done should be the question...

    - Eating Mylanta, Rennies and other antacids out of mummy's bag and when caught, munching "nummy" with a very disgusted look on her face!

    - Putting the cats food in his water (we have now blocked that end of the house off)

    - Grabbing the phone, hitting speed dial and having lovely one sided chats with my mums answering machine... "hewwo nanny, ok byeeeee"

    - Pulling mail off our bench and opening them for us, even mail for the owners.....

    - Tearing apart junk mail before i've had a chance to read *tear*

    - Destroying loaves of bread

    - Jamming bread into the xbox

    - Eating and painting with curash cream and covering her chest of drawers, the baby's cot and herself in it after being alone for not even 5 minutes

    - Emptying half a box of washing powder and pushing it down the drain in the laundry, then when caught covering the drain with the box and hollering "Noooooooo!" so i wouldnt see

    - Opened DP's cousins suitcase, eating a dvd box, opening the box of her new camera and taking 20-30 photos and about 10 videos all in the space of 10 minutes. Done very quietly as we were in the next room and didnt hear a thing.........

    - Got into my make up drawer, emptied my foundation and eye shadows and whatever else all over the floor.

    - Breaking DP's big crystal wine glass worth over $200, destroyed his signed stubby holder by Peter Brock.. that made for a very cranky daddy that night..

    - Jamming toilet paper down the toilet..

    - Pulling clothes off the clothes rack that were meant to be drying and covering them in chocolate..

    The list goes on and on...

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    This is awesome! DD hasn't gotten up to too much (yet), but she was a late crawler and has only just started walking, so I think my fun is about to begin....

    We have managed to:
    Empty entire tissue boxes (it's just sooo amazing that the tissues keep coming and coming)
    Unravel entire toilet rolls
    Clear the book shelves for us
    Empty any drawer she can reach

    She's also managed to somehow get herself in her toybox (and get stuck in there in the process).

    The best thing ever though was when I thought she was 'too quiet' in her room and I went to investigate and she'd taken her dummies out of her cot and curled up underneath it and was trying to go to sleep - definately not distructive but so cute