thread: Worried about heel ***** test results

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    Yay that the results are good (and hopes its done eh).. and good luck with your operation eh? Take it easy and dont do too much afterwards! Sometimes it is great to just have something radical (like surgery) that can help solve a major prob.. its no fun being always sick or in pain.. I know its a lil different.. but I also think it sometimes when ppl die, when theyve been sooo sick and in lots of pain.. (but old people mostly... etc) hope ykwim..

    You got help and stuff for your lil guy etc while your in hosp? Is it a long procedure or just in and out? Lots of times, us wonderful BB ppl are glad to help out.. lol If you live near me.. i will.

    anyway.. good luck


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    Oct 2004

    They remove the gallstones/gall bladder through keyhole surgery. I think it's a fairly simple procedure. The dr said most people have to stay in hospital one or two nights. He said in my case it would most likely just be overnight. Since I've just had a baby and my stomach is stretched, that apparently helps with recovery. - Fingers crossed I'm out of hospital on Friday morning. It feels as if the hospital has become my second home and I hate that.
    My husband is recovering from his surgery. He's definintely not 100% yet, but he is improving. He's well enough to take care of Luke by himself. The only thing he can't do is bend his leg enough in order to put his shoes on. He's unable to drive so that means he's housebound, so I suppose he doesn't really need his shoes anyway lol. Other than that, he'll be okay.

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    Jacq - I am so glad to hear that you haven't had any news back about your little boys tests. No news is good news then, hey?

    Good luck with your operation... I wish you a speedy recovery.

    My sister had to have that operation over Christmas... and she felt sooo much better afterwards. It had been so painful for her in the weeks leading up to it

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    Best of luck with your operation.

    You are going to be a new woman!!


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    I'm back at home after having my surgery. I'm in a bit of pain. It's just like recovering from my caesar, although not quite as bad. My stomach hurts, I'm having trouble getting in and out of bed, changing positions, coughing, laughing etc. It's been four weeks since I had Luke and I felt great, but now I feel yuck again. I hope the pain goes soon. The surgeon gave me my gallstones in a jar. I thought they would be marble sized stones, but they're not like that at all. They're like little grains, similar to the kitty litter that we buy lol. They're tiny little things, but there was a lot of them.

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    Jacq glad the surgery went well, but sorry that your in pain. My Dad had gall bladder surgery last year and he was in abit of pain for a few weeks after. Hope you feel better soon.

    Good news about the results. I guess no news is good news, as they say.