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Thread: Do You Think Childhood Vaccinations Should Be Compulsory?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fromscratch View Post
    Old thread but anyway......

    The herd protecting the few who don't immunise is no longer the case unfortunatly.
    So many parents are choosing not to immunise (not judging) that the herd no longer protects those that can not have the immunisations due to severe reaction and or allergy to a componant of the immunisation. Sadly.
    In all honesty being a member of another Forum and the majority of the parents on that sight that choose not to immunise far out weigh the ones that do. Far out weigh.
    The true reason why we no longer see diease's that are immunisable is due to the immunisations. Do some research look at children who have Polio and suffer long term and in some cases lifelong suffering. Almost eridacated? NO but rarly seen in the west now, same can be said for Measles, Mumps and Rubella.
    I understand the concern about immunising children, I do and I questioned immunising myself with our children till I met a family who lost their 7 week old to Whooping cough(to young to be immunised)
    And I met a lady at my Grans nursing home who had Polio as a child and had been disabled since the age of 9 due to Polio. She was a lovely lady who shared her struggles told us how bad it was and all the other nasty stuff.
    We decided to immunise but till then was swaying against it.
    I am happy we made the decision to immunise now but wasn't in the beginning.
    You need to be aware that immunisation's don't mean you or yours won't get said dieases just won't be as severe if your lucky.
    It was the lady with Polio that cinched it for me, I don't want a child of mine to suffer like she did her whole life since she was 9 years old.
    Was chatting to our GP last time we were in, she said when western dr's are presented with Polio, measles and such that most would have a hard time diagnosing as they are rarely seen.
    I love this GP as she is open minded and dosn't fit the normal dr sterio type. SHe herself has 3 children and admitted she almost didn't have her kiddos immunised just her dh insisted.
    Re herd immunity: we have more outbreaks of whooping cough (record numbers) now then we have ever before. We are vaccinated in the 90 odd % as a country - well above the percentage that they claimed "herd immunity" would impact.

    So more whooping cough vaccinations than ever before = more whooping cough cases than ever before.

    There's some food for thought.

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    Default Definitely a human rights issue

    So interesting following this thread. My 7 yo VACCINATED DD got whooping cough last month (we're still in the 100 days). Amazingly the most concerned parents were the ones whose children were also vaccinated, not the parents of those who were not!

    In my mind this shows it is absolutely a human rights issue. Apart from the extremely concerning things that research is showing about the long term impact on the immune system from blanket vaccinations, imagine the impact on our society if we had our children force-ably vaccinated? Imagine if those concerned parents had been told they were not allowed to vaccinate their children, no matter what their concerns?
    I got this incredible sense of peace from the couple of parents I spoke to who hadn't vaccinated their children. They had the philosophy that things like whooping cough are fairly normal childhood illnesses, which would be managed by a child who was generally well and had good nutrition and care. They were a real comfort to me, because even though they were concerned for my DD well being, they oozed trust that I would look after her, and had made the right decisions for her. Just as they had for their children.

    I agree. I made the best decision with the information I had at hand at the time, and I made a choice that I thought would protect my child. I would passionately protect that right for all parents!

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