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Thread: Is this normal for her age?

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    Default Is this normal for her age?

    This might sound really silly but I'm a first time Mum and need some advice.

    Madeleine is almost 10 weeks old.

    She is already holding her head up really well. She is also giggling and trying to stand up on me when I'm trying to burp her. She's really strong! She also holds her dummy and has been putting it in and out of her mouth.

    Is she still a little young? I thought they had to be AT LEAST 12 weeks to do these things.

    Did anyone else experience this?

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    Hi Bindy, yes my daughter was (& still is!) very strong! So much so that her now 20yr old cousin nicknamed her "roids" short for steroids after he watched her move a large tin of paint across the floor using her head as she was still only crawling at that stage!! Very funny though!

    DD was holding her head up as a newborn, we actually got comments about it while still in hospital, I put her on my bed on her tummy & she was lifting her head looking around LOL

    Cant remember how old she was when she started giggling, I have my baby book around somewhere, but from memory I thin it was somewhere between 2 & 3 months?

    I think it's very normal. Remember every baby develops at a different pace & some things your DD is doing early others will start late but then there will probably come a time when those that started doing these things later do something else earlier than your DD. For example my DD didnt walk until her first birthday.

    I really wouldn't be concerned, she'll only do what she's capable of doing & all in her own time... even if she is in a little more of a hurry than others haha

    Have fun experiencing all of these "firsts & milestones" It's a wonderful time!

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    That's great to know Danielle, thanks so much for your advice, it's really helped!

    I agree, it's such a wonderful time....

    Thanks for your advice xx

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    yep, my dd has always been a nosey little thing and was checking everything out pretty much from the day she was born. She started using her legs when burping her at around 5 weeks.

    Sounds like you have a strong little muchkin there!!!

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