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Thread: White hard spot on gum...

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    Question White hard spot on gum...

    Izzy has a weird white hard round spot on her gum - down the bottom where her 4th or 5th tooth would come out...but kind of out the front not on top where the teeth come through IYKWIM.... she only has 2 teeth down the bottom right now and this isn't anywhere near where the next one would come out.

    Anyone know what this might be?????

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    Maybe it is a tooth and she's just cross cutting? DD's teeth all came in the wrong order... hope you get some answers soon darl!

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    I'm just as curious to find out as DD#2 has had a white spot on her bottom gum, one tooth over from her middle ones. She has had it for ages....before she cut her top two teeth and she is now currently cutting the teeth either side of her top great if some one can enlighten

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    I took DD2 to the dr with a similar it was like a small hard lump under the gum but not in the right place for a tooth (it looked nearly like bone was exposed). It turns out they get little hard white cysts in the gum, it's perfectly normal, not painful and they go away by themselves. Does this sound like what you're seeing?

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    it could be a cyst like marydean described, there is a special name for them, or it could be a tooth.

    DS' teeth always bugled outward not upward when they were coming thru, but we nenver actually saw white at the front/side, just at the top when they cam thru.

    Maybe get your MCHN to have a look? You could go to a dentist if you wanted to after that, but some free advice may be just as reassuring.

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    Default Bumps on gums

    About 2 months ago I noticed a large bump beside my daughter last molar as her molar was breaking through her gums. It was pinkish red and filled with fluid. To be honest, it truly freaked me out. Our family has a history of tumors in the mouth, so I took her to the dentist and found out it was just an eruption cyst. It causes her no discomfort and it goes relatively unnoticed (aside from her poking at it every now and then in curiosity ). The dentist said to give it some time and it will clear itself up. Now you should know that some, not a lot, but some do not clear up and will need to be surgically removed from the mouth...My little girl still has hers and it looks like that may be our only option left. However, I am not too keen on sedating a 2 year old so I will give it as much time as possible before we explore that avenue. Her cyst has since turned white over the top almost like a calice or dry dead skin so hopefully that is a good sign. Just go get it looked at and know that it is probably minor and her body will more than likely absorb and dispose of it. Don't worry & good luck.

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