thread: Cleaning up when your water breaks

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    Feb 2005
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    i would put something on the mattress if you are worried. having said that, my waters broke while i was in bed, and because Emma was so far down my pelvis she 'plugged' it straight away and i just got wet undies - it didnt go any further than that, so i was pretty lucky...

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    Mar 2005
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    Im just wondering, as mine didnt' break, the midwife broke them, how would you know if they broke and you were in the shower? Can you still feel it?

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    Feb 2004

    Yeah, I reckon you would still feel it. It's kind of like doing a massive wee that you have no control over. Mine broke in bed, luckily I was sleeping on a towel. DH thought I was mad, but at least I saved the matress!

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    mizzsocial Guest

    With my last pregnancy, my waters broke while i was in bed.. so it was all over my mattress and when i went to alert DP and my Mother, it also dripped all over the carpet!!!
    I didnt have a chance to clean it up, coz i went into labor immediatly, but when my mum came home the next day she washed all the linen and scrubbed the carpet, and all was ok

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    Jun 2005
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    I am feeling so bad at the moment...mine broke at work on floorboards but my boss drove me to the hospital in his sports car with leather seats. I can't remember if I sat directly on them..lol oh well suppose I won't get a pay rise for awhile.

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    Oct 2005
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    My mum was telling me that with all 3 of us (me and my 2 sisters) she felt a very strong sudden urge to wee and her waters broke on the toilet. So no mess to clean up. But with my sister she was at my dads awards night for basketball when her waters broke again on the loo, So she timed her contractions without alerting my father for the rest of the night. and packed her hospital bag and told my dad it was time to go to the hospital about half hour after they got home that night. He had absolutely no idea it was happening
    So remember ladies if you need to pee suddenly run like hell to get to the loo then theres no need to worry about cleaning.
    Have a great day

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    LOL - good topic!
    I had my waters broken for me in hospital so I didn't have to worry about corroding anything away, LOL.
    However, I remember having a contraction after my waters were broken and it was sooooo gross because liquid just kept pouring out (and it was a brownish colour because there was a bit of meconium). My natural instinct was to run to the loo in the birthing suite so I left a nice trail across the room. My "resourceful" DH ran behind me with a handful of pads and threw them down on the floor to mop up the fluid. Soooo funny to watch. I sat on the loo laughing my head off. Who needs bread crumbs to find their way home? I just had to follow the trail of pads!

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    I put a plastic sheet over the matress but I had to take it off as I was way too hot in it - in Sept too.
    My waters were broken in the hospital for #1 and made a big mess . #2 broke in hossie too but on their own in the bath.

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    Jan 2005
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    My aunties waters broke in the middle of the public bar of my Grandads pub!

    I don't remember my waters breaking before either of my kids, maybe they popped it on the way out?

    However Bunnings has some really cheap painters drop sheets and they actually quite thin, but waterproof all the same. I don't think they would get as crinkly or sweaty on the bed.

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    Mar 2005

    I've never experienced it, but I heard that if it breaks on anything other than tiles oe lino etc, the stain and SMELL is almost impossible to get rid of, I hope Im wrong. 8-[

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    kirsty Guest

    Mine broke in bed & due to the circumstances (I was 31wks pg at the time) was flown straight to Melbourne not to see home or my bed for almost 3weeks. Needless to say I don't think DH cleaned anything up as he came home had 3hrs sleep & then drove to Melbourne to be with me & nothing here has rotted away ~ maybe I didn't get loads on anything else except my knickers, the pad & my pj bottoms??????

    Do know that I made sure I had a couple of towels under my bum in the car, but when we got to the hospital here the midwife made me walk all the way up to the maternity ward & a trip in the elevator & the whole time I was still leaking rather madly!!! Think my sneakers caught most of that though!! & they never rotted away either. 8-[

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    Nov 2003
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    Well, here I am pg with #3 and didn't give any of this a thought with the other two. Was induced on due date for both but I suppose the waters could have broken at any time. Will remember to be prepared this time even though I may get induced again. Quite surprised about the corrosiveness(sp). :-k Thanks Ladies.

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    Just thought I would add my 2c here - waters left to break normally will usually happen at second stage (pushing), but these days, it's almost the norm in hospitals that if your waters haven't broken, they will break it for you - telling you it will speed it up! But do you know that there is actually no evidence that it will?

    I ran a poll on bellybelly to see how everyone's labour began and the majority was an induction or contractions - while some had their waters break as the start of labour, it's not very common.

    It's best to leave the water alone - not just to lessen the risk of infection (hence being put on the clock and if baby isn't born we'll have to augment (hurry it up) because of infection risk) but it's actually quite common for baby to have a cord around the neck due to all the twirling and ballet they do in utero! Can you imagine, once those waters break, that the cord no longer has that water to float about in and be loose?

    Off my soapbox LOL
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    I put a towel under the sheet on my side of the bed just in case, I got quite paranoid about it.

    My water actually broke when I was on teh cmoputer, i stood up and there it went. So I just made a mad dash for the loo, and only managed to get my pants wet. After cleaning up, I went back to the living room and felt the rest of the waters about to blow, so I ran out our front door onto the deck just in time for the biggest WHOOOOOOOOSH as the whole bag broke, soaking my clothes, runners, and the front door mat. Bought a new front door mat and just hosed down the deck, no worries!


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    My waters broke in bed and we ended up throwing out the matress! It soaked through my hubby's pj's too and onto the maltese dog...come to think of it, that dog was unusually white for the rest of her life!!! Maybe it IS corosive! :-k There was so much of it and it had that real protein smell.

    When we got in the car to go to the hospital because it was a brand new car, my DH piled towels so high, my head hit the roof.

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    I got the urge to go to the loo while I was in bed and just as I stood up they started to trickle. I bolted to the loo leaving a tran across the floorboards and they gushed as soon as I sat down.