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thread: did you enjoy your labour?

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    Feb 2008

    Oh yes.

    Even though it went for 48hours in total, I absolutely enjoyed it! I felt amazing, powerful and connected when I was in labour... oh, and exhausted by the end of it!!

    Before I was pregnant I was so absolutely fearful of the idea of labour and genuinely did not want to have any kids. I just didn't think it was for me and thought the whole idea of giving birth was absolutely horrifying. When I fell pregnant I had to readdress my whole attitude and started reading reading reading. I began to realise that I had the whole wrong idea with fear and began to embrace the idea of labour and birth. Luckily all went reasonably well with my birth and I was lucky enough to be left alone to labour at the hospital my way. I can't wait to do it again!!

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    Mar 2009

    Yep!! It was lots of fun. Me and DP laughed and talked -- just hung out. It wasn't extremely painful, bad but bareable and I didn't have any drugs so felt completely in control. It was about 12hrs from the first twinge but only just over 2hrs of active labour. I am scared to do it all again but only because it was so good this time -- could I be lucky twice??

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    Jul 2006

    Yep, I loved it and can't wait to do it again!!!! 14 hours from whoa to go, and it was amazing. I just hope that next time is another enjoyable experience

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    Feb 2003
    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Australia

    Many people who have a normal, physiological childbirth who are well supported with good care and informed and educated on normal birth (not just hospital based classes), enjoy their births.... I know I felt so much better about mine than my interfered with birth. I know I am going to love my next birth, a beautiful home waterbirth around my partner and children, with my own midwife.... I can't wait (but I can argh 3 children!!) LOL
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    Apr 2008
    The Purple House, Sydney

    No way. It was so scary to start- a massive, unexplained bleed, and then way too hard and fast- 3hours of confusion, fear and pain, most of which I don't remember and don't want to.

    In a way, I'm terrified of doing it again. But I am glad I'm doing it again too- I get a chance try this experience again, to educate myself and accept the pain, rather than trying to fight it.

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    Jan 2008
    SE suburbs, Vic

    To start off with I was because my waters broke at home at 1.15am, about half an hour after getting home from a 21st & DF was drunk.
    I enjoyed it for the most part except when I had to have an episiotomy (sp?) cos DD was stuck.

    I cant wait till the next one however, I will have a Doula. I think things would have been better with a doula there

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    Feb 2009
    Central Coast NSW

    No. But that's because I had such a bizarro labour - waters broke first so had to go to hospital I didn't want to, then the midwife couldn't find traces of my water (had changed pad and had a shower and had resealed and I'm like - I did not wet myself, I know the difference) AND the midwife kept saying "if labour doesn't start on it's own" ! ! ! so I thought I was in pre-labour so didn't think I would be able to cope when the real thing hit (From moment I got my first proper contraction were less than 5 mintes apart and LONG from the get go, 4.5hrs and she born. . of course by the time I started totally thinking I couldn't cope my mum was calling the midwife because she disagreed with me that I just wanted to go to the loo again (me believing myself to have only just entered active labour according to the midwife), and sure enough there was a head and it was time to push, 13 minutes later there was a baby and I was a little shell shocked by it all! So I WAS in real labour (horrible, painful labour) the whole time, my cervix just didn't dilate till the last few contractions. Next time I will know to trust my body not the medical profession's textbook version of how things go, I'll time my contractions properly (no-one ever did that?) and am sure I will enjoy the experience more knowing where I am in the process(though not the pain).

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    Feb 2006

    Many people who have a normal, physiological childbirth who are well supported with good care and informed and educated on normal birth (not just hospital based classes), enjoy their births....
    oh sooooo sooooo true!!

    my first was also a not so pleasent experience, induction, peth, epi, episotomy stitches.. just plain bad.....but
    second time around i had a doula, was more informed and educated, no drugs yes i tore had stitches but still better, even the PPH and lagging fatigue hasnt dampened the experiece, loved the experience so much i could do it all over again!!

    so glad so many others loved their labours!!

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    Mar 2006
    Getting to know Brisbane all over again

    I loved my labour and birth. I often joked with friends that I would happily do birth for them if they would do pregnancy for me.

    #1 was induced but I still had an active birth without much further intevention. #2 was ARM but no more intevention. I would have loved to have gone through the whole actually going into labour properly myself but it wasn't to be.

    Labour was such an awesomely powerful experience for me. Good pain and althought #2 was quite painful and intense it was still a fantastic experience.

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    Feb 2007

    I enjoyed both my labours.
    My 2nd labour was only 2hrs & 30mins, so it was very intense but i still had a wondeful experience.

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    Jun 2005

    #1 labour - hated it. Didnt know what was going on. Very hard, intense labour. Afterwards had retained placenta, had to get manual removal - just awful.
    #2 - fast and furious.....almost had her in the car. Ended up having her in emergency - no time to make it up to maternity ward. Still had my shoes on and pumpkin patch skirt on whilst giving birth. 2 pushes and she was out....i think i did all the hard work at home and in the car. Loved this one.
    #3 - Again, fast and furious, but a case of mcdonalds food poisoning brought about this labour, so was vomitting my guts up on the operating table.....she again was born quickly, but i really felt the contractions were more painful this time round......
    #4 - really looking forward to this labour actually. I know the pain, i know the feelings im gonna be getting......i feel im in a good frame of mind.

    For me im really proud i havent had drugs for my last two labours, im really proud i havent torn either. (#1 - dont ask !!!!). For all my births, i must say i love the empowering feeling you get once giving birth and the few hours afterwards....i really do feel like superwoman !!!!!

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    Oct 2006
    Adelaide, SA

    I wouldn't use the word "enjoy" to describe my labour.
    I am at peace with it but my labour was 2 hours 5 minutes long, for a 1st baby that 's pretty quick.
    I think I was in shock with how fast the labour was, I don't remember a great deal of it, that's what upsets me the most, I don't remember all of the details of how my little man came into this world.
    But I am lucky that my DH does and often reminds me of what a great job I did, even if I don't think so!

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    Mar 2007

    Yes! It all happened pretty quick for me.... contractions came on 10pm at night suddenly... 5mins apart... 3mins apart etc and went into hospital 2am. and then things really progressed from there on in and DD was born 7:36am.... so all up it was quite fast for a first labour and I really did enjoy it all.... except for the pushing part that was soo hard and lonnnggg (i pushed for 2hrs) and most painful part!!!(she was posterior and i got 3rd degree tear!!!) But well worth it
    I can't wait to do it all again.

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    Jul 2006

    My first was ok, not something i rave about
    My second was pretty good and enjoyed it
    My third i could talk about for hours and loved it soooo much. Was the best day of my life and one ill treasure forever

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    Jun 2003

    I didn't really labour the first time, but I did enjoy it up until the c/s.

    Second birth I didn't just enjoy it I LOVED it. I have nothing but great memories. Absolutely awesome.

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    Dec 2005
    In Bankworld with Barbara

    I loved my first one and thought it was a great 'first' birth, gradual build up of contractions so there was no panic kwim? I had time to get the hang of it by the time they started getting closer together. I did have a 'I'm sh it scared' moment, but I was able to moved past it.

    Second one was awesome - man if I could guarantee that every birth would be like hers I would never stop having babies I reckon. It did start off very intense so no build up, but I felt in total control the entire time.

    Third one was a write off - awful induction ending in a trip to theatre to have the placenta removed.

    Fourth one I really enjoyed, but OMG it was hard work, especially knowing that he was OP and probably very large and I am grateful for the fact that I completely withdrew and blocked out everything and everyone and just let myself get on with it or I don't think I would have had such a great birth. To be told at the end of it when the Dr holds up a steaming warm baby "OMG he's at least 12pounds' makes you feel pretty damn awesome that you just pushed that out LOL. And no, he wasn't that big but he sure did look it LOL.

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    Feb 2006
    Eastern 'Burbs

    Hmmm. Great question Jolsy!

    First labour was not lovey dovey enjoyable but it was quite (self) controlled, peaceful and satisfying from whoa (4am) to go (11.57pm). Sat there afterwards absolutely thrilled due to my own happy hormones buzzing around my body! Actually thought it wasn't too bad, I could do it again tomorrow.

    Second labour much quicker (4 hours) but I was wishing for another long one so my body could work up my pain threshold properly instead of feeling like I went straight into transition after an hour! Didn't enjoy this one at all, nearly had Ceri in the car and waterbirthed her 12 min after arriving at the hossy.

    Give me a long labour anyday!

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    Apr 2009

    My water broke wed night at 10.30pm and I went to hospital. Started pushing at 2.30pm and by 3.00pm my lo was out. It was painful and natural and worth it and horrible all at once. Next time I want a natural birth with an epidural!!!!! No not really. I did it once I can do it again

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