thread: did you enjoy your labour?

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    Dec 2008

    first birth (induction) i hated every moment of it. my (at the time DP) and support people were selfish so and so's. Midwives werent all the best either.

    second birth (induction) wasnt as bad as the first. lovely supportive midwife and DF was fantastic. They had me laughing during the entire labour(even when pushing)

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    I gave birth only 39minutes after arriving at the hospital

    ... My contractions started only 2hrs before

    What do you ALL think ... did i ENJOY or not ??

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    Mar 2007
    outer South East Melbourne

    Nope, I can't say I enjoyed it.

    I did enjoy the day of prelabour - wondering if it was leading to something - thinking I could manage the pain OK - gradually getting stronger contractions at irregular intervals.

    Then real labour started. It was quite painful straight away. Six hours later after many painful contractions & hours of uncontrollable shaking with each contraction it was off to hossy (6cms) and another 9 hours of full on contractions coming one on top of the other and then 2 hours of pushing (& then a snip snip & vac extraction due to shoulder dystocia). So 17 hours of full on labour - the kind you never see on the Discovery Health Channel. Nothing enjoyable about that. Peth and gas only took the edge off the contractions, so no I did not enjoy it.

    It was certainly an emotional experience, particularly after bub was out, but not enjoyable for me or the others attending to me.

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    Dec 2005

    I loved my labours and can't wait to do it all over again!
    First labour was induced and I had an epi, but recovered really well.
    Second labour started all on its own and had no drugs, recovered extremely well from that one

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    Dec 2008

    My first one NO WAY! It was the worst experience of my life - up until I had DS in my arms of course. My mum asked me an hour later if I would do it again and I said 'yes' lol. So i did.

    2nd was the worst one of all. I was induced, had 2 hrs of what felt like one huge 2 hr contraction. I vowed NEVER to go back again! I didn't enjoy it AT ALL.

    Then my 3rd labour was fantastic! I can honestly say I enjoyed it. I was induced for the 3rd time but it was much more calm than the first 2 and the contractions weren't as intense. It was only 56 mins from the drip being inserted until she was born though so that could be why. Who knows?

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    Apr 2007
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    No I didn't - mainly because of the uncertainty. I had a day of prelabour, then my waters broke and after that it was another two days before DD was born.

    I hated the fact that it took soooooooo long and my contractions were so unpredictable so I was in a constant state of not knowing whether I should try to rest or whether I should be timing the contractions. Sometimes they were three minutes apart; other times ten minutes.

    All over the shop. I just remember being awake most of the time for three days so by the time labour actually really ramped up I was exhausted. I think I coped with the pain quite well (DD was posterior) and used some pain management techniques so I was REALLY proud of the way I did that. But I opted for an epidural so that I could rest. Then it took almost three hours of pushing to get DD out and I think the position I was in exacerbated my SPD which meant that I was in fairly severe pain for six months afterwards and still have pain now and DD's nearly two.

    So labour is not something I'm looking forward to but not so much the pain as the length of the labour and the uncertainty.

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    Jul 2006

    1st - Waters broke at midnight and labour started 3 hours later. I think I had around 7 hours of active labour with 2 hours of pushing. I enjoyed the labour, I felt like I had control although the pushing part went way too long. In retrospect I wish I knew more about labouring and positions, I think DD would have been born earlier. I remember talking for months on end about how wonderful labour was.

    2nd - I laboured at home for 2 hours in the wee hours of the morning all by myself. It was bliss. Went to the hospital and the middy wanted to speed up labour so she broke my waters. My labour went from managable to out of control. DD2 was born with in 5 mins and I screamed my head off. I can't remember anything except that no one was ready for DD's arrival and she feel on the bed. Thankfully I picked her up and put her straight on my belly. Then I had a retained placenta and ended up in surgery after 3 different medical staff pulling on my insides for 1 hour. I loved my labour but not the birth. Although DD did get to feed beautifullly for one hour before surgery.

    3rd - I'll let you know

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    Apr 2009
    in the garden

    Not so much the first, I was young & scared & had no idea I could have any control... the second was great, would have had another 10 like that!... the third was different altogether, can't say I enjoyed it, but going for a VBAC this time & actually looking forward to it

    and i am loving seeing how many of us enjoyed at least one of our labours!

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    May 2008
    ...where jumping on the bed is mandatory!

    interesting to hear the different experiences, i was looking forward to labour and the thought of over coming the challenges and stuff. But after about three hours i paniced and the rest was horrible, i dont really remember much of it, i forgot all the stuff i decided i was going to do and didnt really have anyone guiding me, the midwifes just kinda sat there and DH was to worried to help. i was in the shower at one point and it started to go right again but for some reason someone told me to get out...and i just did, dont know why. Was thinking today about the next time and hoping i can be alittle more in control and enjoy it!!

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    Feb 2007

    In retrospect, I did enjoy mine although I was induced, ARM and epi. 4 hours from go to whoa, intense and a lot of intervention (which I believe was warranted)....I can't wait for second time around!

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    Jan 2008

    Totally loved my 1st and 3rd labours! I suppose i liked my 2nd labour but DH missed it by 30mins so it was 2hrs of "will he make it...." But all three Births were wonderful, special and i am very thankful i got to experience them ALL!

    Good question AJP

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    Aug 2006
    Our house, in the middle of our street

    It sure hurt each time, but straight afterwards for each one, I thought "I could go through that again - no probs!!!" I was induced for all as well.

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    Jul 2008
    summer street

    Yes, I can say I did.

    My waters broke first and I had about 16 hours of pre-labour before active labour kicked in (thanks to cuddles from DH). My sister and DH were AMAZING support and I felt so loved and encouraged.

    Pushing was HARD work, but I will definitely go back for more.

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    Aug 2007

    Everytime i think about my Labour i get upset.
    I think i worried too much instead of going with the flo etc...
    and i had so much high expectations of what i wanted and how i wanted it too go, and when it went differently it broke my heart - still does!
    I feel like i let DH down, and took alot away from the whole experience when i had a epi, no matter how low my dose was, i shouldn't of taken it!!!

    I hope 2nd time around i can relax and enjoy ever single second of it - but im also worried that second time round wont be as exciting for DH and everyone else!

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    Mar 2006

    I loved the first 2 1/2 of labour and felt like I was in control as much as I could be but the last 50 minutes I went from 5 cm to DD in my arms. That 30 mins where I dilated 5 cm was horrible. I lost all control, focus and just screamed. I'm still disappointed that after going so well I lost it. Pushing was ok but I had a bottom full of haemorroids (Sorry TMI) so that was more painful than her crowning, LOL!! All in all I would most definitely do it again for my DD.
    This time around I'm hoping to go into spontaneous labour and labour at home until I'm ready. Fingers crossed it doesn't go any quicker this time but I'm really looking forward to it. I'll let you know how I go. Fingers crossed for me, LOL!

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    Jul 2004

    #1 and #2 i didn't enjoy at all. #1 because it was so managed and #2 because it was so long (37 hours)

    Before #3 i was worried it would be really long again. Well it was only 2 hours from first contrax to birth. I guess i enjoyed it from first contrax until transition (which was only an hour or so) but i didnt really know i was in active labour because it didnt really hurt. The rest i didnt enjoy because for almost an hour i was trying not to push in the hope that the midwife would make it. However when i started pushing i absolutely loved it, even though the midwife didntmake it i was so calm and i somehow just knew exactly what to do. So most of it yes i loved. If i had of just gone with my body and just pushed i would have loved the whole thing even though it would have only gone for about 1.5hrs.

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    Jan 2005
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    The only one of mine I didn't enjoy was the third one. It was very hard and fast and I really didn't get much of a chance to regroup between contractions. Interestingly enough it was the only one that didn't involve water either shower or bath!

    I LOVED my last birth. It was fast but I was so calm and just went with it.

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    Feb 2008
    Down Under

    wht a great thread ajp!

    i cant say i ENJOYED it, but i am extremly proud of myself and my body for what it has done. KWIM?
    With my 1st, I was scared, had no idea what i was in for (oh it really couldnt hurt THAT much could it? )
    I ended up with 2 lots of peth and couldnt get off the bed so i couldnt really enjoy it i supppose!!

    With DD it was extremly quick so once everything started, the contractions came on thick and quick... i had prepared myself this time i told my midwife, student midwife and DF that i did not want drugs NO MATTER how much i begged..
    and i told my student midwife to keep reminding me ' this is what your body was designed to do' and 'the more scared you are of the pain the more it will hurt'
    so that really helped me through transition.
    This time it has taken me alot longer to forget the pain..

    SO the answer to your question i didnt ENJOY it as such but i am very happy