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    Nov 2010

    Having been induced twice i can't imagine having a natural labour i.e contractions, wait, go to hospital, more contractions...baby!

    Also both have been shorter than 2 hours so a long labour would be weird for me...but probabaly kinder to my vagina...

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    Feb 2010
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    I can't imagine letting people with "instruments" near me again! I enjoyed having my family around me as I laboured, made me feel much more grounded & less panicky about things going haywire. I had MIL, mum, sis, DH with me plus medical staff. I am undecided if they will all be there this time tho. A lot of see how we go.

    Oops forgot the main point of the post, waters broke at midnight, DS born at 12:52pm after just over 3hrs of established labour but too be honest I didn't even notice if it was sun or rain or anything...

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    Jun 2007

    I've had night and day births - 4.30am and 2.30pm for DS1 and DS2 respectively.

    For my day-time labouring experience I had the blinds pulled, so the room was relatively dark - fabulous for my focus and concentration.

    I actually preferred my day-time birth as I woke at 7.30am after a decent night's sleep and began having mild contractions, bub born several hours later. With my night-time birth with DS1, I was awake for over 36 hours (woke 8am-ish in the morning, labour began approx 8pm that night and after bub was born early the next morning I was on a high virtually all day, so no sleep till that night - and even then it was a scratchy kind of sleep!).

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    Mar 2008

    DD was born at 11.49am. We did the hospital dash at around 3.30am. Bonus was there wasn't any traffic - but funny enough we got one red traffic light and DH was going to run it - but there was a police car on the opposite side of the intersection Only car we saw during the trip!

    I remember realising around 7-8am that it was light outside and it was a weird feeling. I'm wondering what will happen this time - I was born at 4.30pm and my brother was born at 4.30am, it'll crack me up if this baby arrives at 11.49pm.

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    Feb 2006
    Newcastle, NSW

    My favourite was a day birth. Lu was born around 11am. My older kids came home from school to a new little sister. It was fantastic. And I had just a regular kind of day apart from popping a bubba out. I even went to bed at my regular time that night.
    My kids were all born at different times -

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    Apr 2006

    Pitch black births for me too. I would LOVE to have a sensible day time labour - would make life so much easier if my kids were awake and hey, if we're dreaming even at school so all I have to do is call Mum and ask her to collect them at the end of the day. I really can't imagine it though - seems unnatural to me at least to birth in the sunshine.

    CK - over the past few months I have managed to prepare myself nicely for a side of the freeway delivery. I'm just hoping I don't get to report back to you about what its like in reality, as opposed to what I'm imagining!!

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    Aug 2008

    Can't imagine labouring in the dark. DD was born in early December, and contractions really started about 4:30am, so it was light until she was born at 5:20pm as the sun was on its way out and the whole room turned a beautiful pinky orange.

    Also can't imagine labour without the midwife I had last time. Ridiculous, in a way, and I love the one I've got, but I just can't imagine her not being there. To the point where I think it's almost a sign that she will be there.

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    Lenny - I have heard that too - and from personal experience most cows (of the bovine variety lol) birth at night

    As for me - DD was born at 4:51pm (DH laughs that that is traditionally public service knock off time so the perfect time to finish work for the day) but I have no memory of the weather or if it was sunny - I think that the blinds were probably closed.

    I can't imagine being induced or having an elec csec so that I knew when I woke up that morning that that would be bubs birthday - I would freak out for sure.

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    Jul 2008

    i thought that going into labour at night was linked to hormones. i know i read something that was linked ftom bb - i'll see if i can find it.

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    Mar 2007

    Teni I can't imagine it either! Though my DD2 was born at 1.10pm, LOL. DD1 was born at 2am.

    Whenever I imagine going into labour it is at night. I always thought I'd wake up in the middle of the night to contractions, and it did happen like that with DD2 Although it was daytime for her birth I had all the curtains closed and it was very dim in the room. I could not imagine wanting the curtains open and the whole room light. In fact, I actually identify the moment with DD1's birth when I felt like I was losing hope and everything was going wrong and I couldn't do it, was when a midwife came in and opened all the curtains and I realised it was light. I felt totally uncomfortable and lost hope because I realised how long I'd been there because it was the next day. I made sure that didn't happen second time around and had it in my birth plan that the curtains were definitely to be closed! I need dark to get in the zone

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    Jul 2007
    in a super happy place!

    I can't imagine having a scheduled c/sect. I just can't visualise how I would work up to that moment, knowing when it was going to happen and that I'd be having my baby via an operation. I'd be freaking out I think! Just the idea of an epidural scares me! Needles in my spine and not being able to move my body, but being awake! I can't really imagine it.
    This is what I had with DS. It was the freakiest thing ever, setting my alarm so I could be up early the next morning and going to bed knowing I was having my baby tomorrow! I cooked a beautiful dinner for DH and I and we couldn't stop laughing that it would probably be the last nice meal we'd ever eat. That morning we had to be at the hospital at 6.30am, and I was waiting out the front of our house for DH to bring out my bag to the car, and a couple went power walking past and I just blurted out "I'm going to have my baby!". They both got really excited, and she gave me a hug. I always wondered who those random strangers were

    I only ever imagined birthing at night because that's what my sister and best friend had done for both of their babies. DS was born at 10.31am but it was a hideous day so it felt like night time. The girls were born at 3pm and it was a gorgeous day. I could see a tree out my window with it's leaves blowing in the wind, and as I was having contractions, I was thinking to myself "I wish I was that tree" lol. It looked way more peaceful than I felt.

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    Dec 2011
    Central Coast NSW

    I had DD at 2.05am after being at the hospital since 6.30am the day prior. I hated it as I'd been awake for 2 days and by the time I went to the ward it was 6am so time to get up!

    I'm planning on having a water birth with this little man. So fingers crossed it all happens okay!

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    Mar 2008

    That morning we had to be at the hospital at 6.30am, and I was waiting out the front of our house for DH to bring out my bag to the car, and a couple went power walking past and I just blurted out "I'm going to have my baby!". They both got really excited, and she gave me a hug. I always wondered who those random strangers were
    Naww that's gorgeous!

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    Jul 2008
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    i had Dj at 12.50pm - but was in a birth bath room with no windows it *felt* like night time. and i had Vic at 4.43am in winter so it was dark.

    i cant wrap my head around taking a newborn home. dispite both mine being late they where in hospial (a week and then two weeks with vic) and i cant get my head around rooming in at hospital eather or having mik come in with just bub sucking away...

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    Oct 2008

    DD1 was born at 4:30 am and DD2 at 5:30 pm. It was lovely and bright and sunshiney when DD2 was born and it was lovely! The only problem was organising DD1 to come in and visit - DH had to go pick her up - so I was just left alone for that time and then when they got back DD1 was hungry and tired and overwhelmed, and then they had to get home and get her fed, leaving me alone again. I preferred the daylight birth but then watching the sun come up over DD1's birth day was pretty good also!

    Even though I spent some of my second labour in the bath, I can't imagine actually giving birth in there! I'm sure it is great, and the videos I've seen look fine, I've just never watched a water birth and gone 'I want that for me'.

    I can't imagine giving birth without DH there, he just HAS to be part of the picture.

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    Oct 2007
    Middle Victoria

    I can't imagine giving birth without DH there, he just HAS to be part of the picture.
    Yeah to that!!

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    Jul 2009
    Out North, Vic

    DD1 was mid morning & the sun was streaming through the windows.

    DD2 was born just before midnight, it felt kind of strange being in a low lot hospital room.

    I can't imagine not trusting my body to birth (I understand why some don't though) after all it did for me

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    Jan 2009

    I can't imagine the following birth scenario but according to a midwife, this happened on her first day at a new job:
    Arrived to couple A and DW, DH and DW's parents were all present. DW mentions to midwife she'd heard an orgasm during labour can help with pain. Midwife leaves room and returns later to DH down at the 'business end' pleasuring DW all while mum and dad watch on. DW has orgasm, DW's dad falls to the floor with having a heart attack
    I think my dad would have a heart attack in such a situation as well!!