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Thread: labour bag

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    kelstar78 Guest


    Make-up! I made sure I slapped on a bit before visitors arrived. Hearing "Wow, you look fantastic for a new mum" is a nice pick-me-up. It helps with all those piccies too. Something nice smelling for the shower helps when you are feeling a bit grungy with the lochia (tmi!). Dont forget phone numbers and decent coffee! My MIL made up a batch of slices and biscuits that we brought with us for labour energy and they were great later on when I never seemed to have time to eat my hospital brekkie.

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    just a note re the makeup. a tinted moistureiser would be a great option to take, you can just smooth it is without worrying about a mirror or having a mask, or it coming off on sheets etc and is much lighter than foundation. has enough colour to give your face a lift though, ill be packing mine for sure.

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    I also would like to see the check lists but since the main page is down I can't access them If anybody has them and can post them in this thread it would be most appreciated.

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    Hi Meli and everyone else.

    The main site is now back up so you can now view the article about your labour bag that a few people have mentioned in here. It consists of stuff for mum-to-be, baby and extras, plus a few "member suggestions"

    [url=]What to pack in your labour bag[/url]

    I hope this helps you all out somewhat, and may benefit many other new mums to be that have not yet seen this thread.


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    *Yvette* Guest


    To take to hospital:-
    (This list is assuming a very short stay)
    For labour & birth:-
    - cameras & chargers & tripod
    - food & drinks (see list)
    - CDs & battery powered cd player with speakers
    - aromatherapy gear
    - wheat bags
    - face washers (hospital ones too thin)
    - incontinence pads/pants (waters broken/leaking)
    - my handbag with phone, diary, purse, lip balm, notepad, pen etc
    - for Lindsay: his drugs, his glasses, bathers, trakkie dacs, change of clothes
    - perhaps about 4 pillows, unless we can be sure to get extra ones at the hospital, which would be much easier. Maybe the big cushions too.
    - Bed socks
    - mirror
    For babies:-
    - baby clothes (2 growsuits, singlets & hats per bub)
    - baby nail clippers (added thanks to Christy above)
    - nappies
    - Sorbolene cream
    - Cotton wool
    - 4 bunny rugs
    For me after birth:-
    - 2 nursing bras
    - 6 pairs undies
    - plastic bags for dirty washing
    - nursing pads
    - super duper pads, turbo charged with wings & landing gear, 2 packs
    - pyjamas
    - clothes & shoes to wear home
    - dressing gown & slippers
    - brush, comb, shampoo, conditioner, soap, moisturizer, deodorant, cotton buds & balls, tissues, baby wipes, glasses, contacts, saline, makeup, makeup remover, hairdryer, toothbrushes, toothpaste, razor
    Food for family:-
    -8 rounds of sandwiches/rolls, nice ones
    -2 doz juice boxes
    -8 pieces fruit
    -box of proper tea bags
    -cake, lollies, muesli bars, biscuits etc
    -fruit knife, few plastic spoons, plastic plate
    Food just for me:-
    -2 nice sandwiches/rolls
    -2 doz juice boxes
    -4 oranges, 6 mandarins
    -2 bags mini flake chocolates

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    I was reading the article on the main page, it mentioned a 'birthing ball'. What's that?

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    They have the birthing balls at the hospital to use if you want to. They are big soft rubber balls and you can use then to lie on or use them to help you rock on to try to relieve the pain. I have heard they aren't bad to take into the shower with you to lie over while the hot water is going on your back. I have never used one before as I don't move much while I am in labour. LOL

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    They are those fit balls - you can buy them from sports shops and are wonderful! No good for second stage of labour but good for first stage. They are also fabulous to use before and after, as a replacement for a chair/seat. Great for your posture and very comfy. One of my friends said she used to sit on it and bounce with her newborn to help her sleep too
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    i pack baby wipes for me too. i find i feel cleaner after using them with so much blood in the first few days, otherwise i feel like i need to shower every minute of the day!

    good luck

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    Beckles, that is an excellent idea!!! =D>

    *going to pack extra wipes for moi*


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