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thread: labour bag

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    Mar 2006

    I'm going to bump this because its so handy and I can never find it.

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    And I'll bump it again... so many people ask this same question.... so let's keep going with the list. All you brand new Mums and soon-to-be-Mums, what's in your labour bag?

    A friend of mine refused to go to hospital without her dvd collection of "Buffy" LOL.

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    Apr 2008

    Soft toilet paper was a must for me. Thank you cards and chocolates for the midwives (im a nurse and I know we appreciate chocolate from patients lol). A shaver, I didn't have time to shave before DD1 and was glad I could do it after (I always feel cleaner when I have shaved my legs and underarms don't know why). It was nice to have a shower, shave and wash my hair after feeling so grotty after I gave birth. I took cordial because I couldn't handle the taste of the Adelaide tap water. Bags to take gifts and dirty clothes home. I got my partner to take some gifts home with him every time he visited because we got so much lovely stuff.

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    Jan 2007

    This is what will go in mine based on what I had in my bag with Izzy and things I wish I had!(and no I haven't packed yet - methinks it's a bit too early still! )

    Eye patch from an airline, and earplugs for sleeping! (gotta love shared rooms - these were GREAT!)
    I-Pod - not that I used it but it was nice to know it was there,
    Massage oil,
    a pashmina shawl (so if I felt like covering up I could without worrying about my IV line)
    copies of my birth plan,
    a HUGE print out of my birth affirmations to put up on the wall
    photos of Isabelle,
    Lucas Paw Paw lip balm,
    a tennis ball for massage
    nice pj's and slippers
    maternity pads and Pidgeon ultraslim breast pads
    Um that's all I can think of for now! Thanks for the reminder that I need to do this some time in the next 7 weeks!

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