thread: Length of pregnancy for first baby

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    Nov 2004

    my first was born at 42w2d, my second at 37w3d. Both were induced (first for obvious reasons, second as i was terrified of him being big like my first - Xander was 9lb2oz, Declan was 8lb, 3 weeks early!!)

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    With my DS my waters broke smack bang on 40 weeks, and I was induced the day after when nothing happened and had a c/s the day after that when nothing happened a second time.

    Hehe I think he had second thoughts about coming out!

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    Feb 2003
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    I found something very interesting when doing research for some articles:

    According to a study on 'The length of uncomplicated human gestation' by the Department of Epidemiology, Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, Massachusetts, they found:

    "For primiparas (first child), the median duration of gestation from assumed ovulation to delivery was 274 days, significantly longer than the predicted 266 days. For multiparas (more than one child), the median duration of pregnancy was 269 days, also significantly longer than the prediction. Moreover, the median length of pregnancy in primiparas proved to be significantly longer than that for multiparas"

    This is an older study, but very interesting none the less, and just goes to show you how much we rely on dating but it's all up to the mercy of the ultrasound machine guessing for us.
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    Nov 2003
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    That is very interesting Kelly and I think it is a bit og a farce letting the ultrasounds determine our dates, I don't know of many that have been correct. Look at me with 3 late and only 1 early.

    Something to think about, and if the ultrasound is way out then baby could be brought on too early. A relative of mine had a cs, for medical reasons, it was her 3rd and somehow they stuffed up the dates and it appeared that instead of being 38 wks her bub was 36 wks, his lungs were not very well devekloped and the dr apologised for doing it too early.

    Cheers michelle

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    My daughter was born a month early.