thread: Pain relief in labour

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    Apr 2007
    Somewhere here and there.....

    Epi, walking and rocking. The Epi made me weak and dizzy.

    Next time with be at home and I intend to walk, rock and generally do what ever feels best at that moment.

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    Mar 2007
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    At home I had Panadeine Forte as instructed by my midwife. She told me to go take it and try to sleep. I was having full on pain & uncontrollable shaking with every contraction so there was no way that was going to happen.

    I got straight on the gas at hossy as I was 6cms. The midwives put it on its lowest setting & adjusted it up as the labour progressed.

    I had a two or maybe three shots of peth but it made me feel a little sick so they gave me something to counteract that. It worked.

    I had fully intended to get an epi if the subject came up but it never did and it never even entered my head once I got into the labour ward.

    The 15 hour labour (2 of second stage) ended with a vac extraction & episiotomy but the peth & gas were enough to get me through it. There was also shoulder dystocia.

    I remember feeling quite out of it by the time that all happened and for a little while afterwards.

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    Jan 2006

    I had everything on offer, save the peth because I was "too relaxed" (bad me, should have been tense and screaming for it). I was so badly bruised (from the Obs) I had no feeling downstairs for over a week and suffered full incontinence. I was unable to walk or even sit up by myself - I certainly couldn't care for a baby (but within minutes of giving me a baby an hour and a half old I was left all by myself for hours). I was also informed 3-4 hours after coming out of theatre that I'd had a episiotomy; no one had mentioned it to me at the time. I'd been cut up without even knowing. That's what spinal blocks do - they don't remove pain, they remove ALL sensation.

    Next time? I'm keeping a gun by my side - in my house. To shoot anyone who even mentions the word "hospital" or "pain relief". I didn't need it with DS (until I had really met my Obs IYKWIM) and I don't need it for any other baby.

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    Mar 2008
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    for my labour i had 2 forms of drugs. peth (evil stuff, never again): basically this just rendered me completely space-aged. and i couldnt get it together or move for a good few hours. slowing my progress completely. it also provided ABSOLUTELY no pain relief (not that i needed it but that's a whole other thread lol!).

    also had the gas on the lowest setting. this helped me in the hour leading up to transition. the m/w took it away from me the moment i hit transition. oh gawd.
    the thing about the gas was not so much the pain relief (does it really work? i felt a bit light- headed but that was it really....), but the distraction. i focused on the rattley sound of that the machine made when i sucked in....guess i will take kelly's advice and use only oxygen next time.

    i also found distraction and support people to be the best pain relief. honestly. birth hurts, no real way around it, so i found DH and any other person i could talk to or just stare blankly at to be of immense help.

    i also took a shower, but the effort of being in there (alone...DH was snoring away on the couch at that stage) and having to hold myself up while going through transition was too tiring and not worth it. and by that stage the urge to push was starting to happen so waddled over to the bed.

    next time around my pain relief will be my loved ones. DH, hopefully DD, my mum and a doula.

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    Jun 2007

    No drugs and a quick five hour (spontaneous) labour. Had to have foetal monitoring for last 90 mins which kinda restricted me to laying on my back on the table (not happy, Jan). My "pain relief" was to do a HypnoBirthing (Calmbirthing) course and accupuncture (with a very pro drug-free, anti-intervention naturopath!!) in the weeks leading up. Both gave me bucket loads of self-confidence that I could birth my bub without drugs and/or intervention. I'm certainly not trying to sound like superwoman cos I did it drug-free, but I have nice sense of satisfaction that I got the birth I wanted.

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    I used entonox for the last hour or so. That's gas, but it's a standard mix (50% gas, 50% oxygen) - what are the mix levels in hospital like? I don't know how that compares to your maximum/minimum, but i do know i couldn't have just oxgen because they don't want to risk having it all used up before the bub is born, JIC.

    It made me feel spaced out from reality, so while my thoughts and sensations were as real and hard as ever, i couldn't communicate. I kept it because the clicking helped me focus my breathing through the pretty much unbearable urges to push, though i still had to drop it to roar through the peaks or i would have pushed despite it. If i hadn't had the gas i think i might have been able to more forcefully insist that i DID need to push and i might have been able to before DD crowned.

    Next time i will use nothing and if i get so desperate to push that i want to have gas i will ignore my midwife and just bloody push.