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Thread: Partner Nesting - could this mean I am going to go into labour soon?

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    Default Partner Nesting - could this mean I am going to go into labour soon?

    My partner is cleaning the house like crazy...I am pooped and sick of being pregnant, the most I can do is sit and fold washing and even that is an effort, with such bad sciatic pain running down my left side.

    I am wondering why I am not so nesty this time round (being 38wks 4 days), I am due for it.

    My partner has been cleaning and vacumning (yes... with a vacumn cleaner) the garage and front porch , cleaning out cupboards, cleaning walls and mopping and is now onto wanting to pack my labour bag. I feel sooooo lazy, I am wondering though whether he could be the one nesting instead of me and whether this could mean the baby is not to far away???

    I hope so because I am so over being pregnant.

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    Hmm, maybe. My DH nested too - even did a total clean out of the kitchen cupboards!! But from memory it was still a few weeks before DS arrived.

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    I've heard of this happening and if you still have two more weeks to wait at least the house will be clean and you didn't have to lift a finger to do it
    Hang in there hun hopefully not too much longer!

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    either way, isn't it brilliant! Hope this is the "final nesting" for you both !

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