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Thread: Sooo friggin cranky!!

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    If you think you can do it, you CAN do it!!
    (for some reason, some tiny voice just said - 'don't believe you can, know you can')

    It's your body, your baby. You know what you want!

    I support your decision! Good luck!

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    Thanks guys, its nice I have some support out there.

    And I know that I can do it, ever since my c-section I have dreamed about it all the time that this is what I am supposed to do. I have no fear (funnily enough) because I know I can. But still, people who doubt me (most who have never had kids themselves) just sets my temper cranking!!!!

    PP - thanks for the great vids - they were great. If I wasn't at work I'm sure I would have bawled.. lol

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    Matryoshka Guest


    You certainly can and will do it!!! Have you read New Active Birth?? brilliant book for getting confident about natural birthing, and some great photos too.

    Their negativity surely stems from their own failures and insecurities, don't take any of it on board!

    People act like drugs are the mighty saviour in labour... i had a shot of morphine and it certainly didn't help with the pain, just made me drowsy! i look forward to being more "present" this time - your body will release a ton of good hormones which will help your body bring the baby out.... it feels uncomfortable but exhilarating at the same time.

    Look forward to proving them wrong because they are and you can do this!

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    Matryoshka Guest


    This is a great article on the role of pain in childbirth:

    Andrea Robertson: The Pain of Labour

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    Why on earth some women feel the need to scare and discourage other women who are towards the end of their pregnancy is utterly beyond me. What a silly thing to do to you! Where's Lulu when we need her? We need some pre-birth bouncing here!

    Just keep in mind honey, women have been birthing babies for MANY MANY years, all natural, and we've survived. And for the rare few who ran into diffculties, that's why we have hospitals and doctors. If, by some chance, you run into troubles, you'll have them there for you. For the rest, your body knows what to do.

    You know you are making a good choice here - go prove them all wrong!

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