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Thread: Thrush passing onto bub during labour

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    Default Thrush passing onto bub during labour

    Can someone please tell me what the chances are of vaginal thursh being passed onto a baby during delivery. I've had thrush for a while now, tried everything, can't get rid of it.
    If bub does get it, how is it treated and how long will it last for?

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    I have my suspicions that I passed thrush onto Charlie when I gave birth to him. Shocker. His newborn little mouth was full of it.

    We ended up reinfecting each other for around 2 months......nipple thrush from BF'ing was quite horrific.

    He was treated with Daktarin oral mouth gel for infants on the advice of my midwives/paed. But it wasn't a quick fix.

    As we had such a terrible time, when I was pg with Lexie I was DETERMINED to kill the candida in my body for once and for all, so I got onto In-Liven. I haven't had thrush since (Well over 2 years.)

    Maybe worth a try?

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    Have you tried Fast Tract? Heaps of BB members found that it got rid of thrush when nothing else did. Also if baby does have it, its completely safe for baby to take - 1ml - as it's organic. Its MUCH better than the other pro-biotics out there, firstly it contains around 13 strains of probiotics, not one or two, and its super potent.

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