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Thread: What is your favourite labour/delivery memory?

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    I have just read all of these posts and have cried throughout.

    They are all heart touching stories and i simply cannot wait to be able to share mine too.

    merry Xmas to all your babies out there

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    OMG a teary mess here as well.

    My favourite memories would have to be when I was pushing her out, I didn't know she was out & then all of a sudden my Dr flipped her up onto my tummy & said 'meet your daughter'. I almost died as I had said the whole way through we were having a boy. She was the most perfect suprise ever!

    Afterwards I remember gazing at her & feeling so strong & empowered. I looked out the windows at all the cars driving past & thought 'gee your lives are so boring' LOL I just delivered a baby!


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