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    my son jazz turns 3 in 4 months but i remember his birth like it was yesterday,
    i went into labour on mothers day DP was at the foot ball with her family and i was at my fathers house i was having braxton hicks contractions or so i thought so my sister ran me a bath and helped me in while my father ran round the house panicing saying lets go to the hospital i should call the midwife. i kept saying no its just braxton hicks dont worry about it, though when i was in the bath he called the hospital anyway i told them not to worry about it my due date was still a month away my father was just being over protective the pain was still there when i went to bed at ten but when i woke in the morning it was gone i had a two pm appointment with the midwife i was fine till lunch time and the contractions came back by the time we got to the hospital for my appointment i was in alot of pain i had my head down on the midwifes desk breathing hard and almost crying i tried to tell her it was braxton hicks she said we better do an internal examination just to make sure, then once she had done that she said i hope you brought your bags with you because your four centremeters dialated you wont be going home until you have had this baby well i hadnt brought my bags so i sent DP home to get them while i tried to call my father to come to the hospital but i couldnt get through so DP picked him up on her way back to the hospital he promised hed come in with me when jazz was born but at the last minute he chickened out he said he couldnt stand to see me in so much pain and not be able to do anything about it so my mum came in with me though she wasnt much help she spent most of the time in the chair next to the bed dizzy and teary eyed she said it was so overwhelming her baby was now having a baby the contractions where slow and hardly there by this time i had had an epidural because im epileptic and a pain induced seizure during labour could have killed me or the baby the doctor came in and said your now ten centermeters dialated but because of your epilepsy you have a choice we can give you a c section or you can deliver vaginally i told him i wanted to deliver my baby vaginally i tried for hours but nothing happened so they said look we have to give you an emergancy c section the baby is in distress i said ok and when the doctor went to get the forms the contractions came back and my partner was so excited she was running round with the face cloth on her head lol though i didnt need it i didnt get hot but i also didnt make any noise it was odd it was like i completly went into my self all i could hear was the midwife say ok your having a contraction push now (i couldnt feel my contractions much becase the epidural was left on high to make sure i didnt fit because of the pain) the nurse said she couldnt wait to see me back at the hospital to have another because i was so quiet and easy to handle and i didnt yell at them and it only took me 20 minutes to push jazz out so i didnt need the c section after all but he had the cord wrapped around his neck he was born at 2:20am and was just over 8 pounds but he was dark blue they took him away and gave him air and got him to breath but when they gave him back to me he stopped breathing again this time they took him to the nicu and put him in a humidicrib he was the biggest baby there ... when jazz and my partner had left for the nicu the nurses turned their attention to stitching me no one not even me had realised i was bleeding more than i should be i was getting woozy i heard a nurse say they had to stop the bleeding and she had to give me a shot i cant remember what the drug was called i was to woozy then i heard the doctor hit the emergancy button and yell at a nurse to get more drugs because if they didnt stop the bleeding soon i could die ... then everything went black when i woke up i was in a room with my partner teya beside me i was ok after that and after 2 days in the nicu so was jazz although jazz was born with only one functioning kidney autism global developmental delays and low muscle tone and i couldnt breatfeed him because he has a tounge tie that goes all the way to the end of his tongue i still consider him the most perfect baby i couldnt have wished for more hes perfect to us. when the nurses visited for the home care jazz was thriving but my vagina was extremly sore the nurse said it was odd because it should have healed by now and when she took a look she couldnt see anything wrong but my partner looked at the same time and said should her labia be sewn together like that?
    well needless to say no it shouldnt! so back to hospital i went and let them know they had made a very big mistake when they were stitching me up after jazz's birth they did the surgary to fix it that day. now i dont know it anyone has heard of labia plastic surgary its where a woman thinks hers is to long so she has surgary to correct it well mine was to long but after the hospitals mistake and the operation to fix it its no longer to long so basically i got plastic surgary for free because of a hospital screw up although i would have much prefered they didnt make that mistake and i hope it never happenes to any one else because its a very painful mistake

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    Well done on pushing Jazz out! Congratulations.

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