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    Default TJ's arrival

    He was due on October 3rd, and I had an OB appointment that day. As my blood pressure was a bit odd, they sent me to have a trace at the hospital, and an induction was booked for the next day.

    At 8pm on the 4th, we went into the hospital and had gels inserted. Almost straight away, contractions came, every 2 minutes like clock work, and I was SO excited, thinking I would meet my baby soon

    At 10am the next day, there was still no baby. I was 2 cm dilated, cervix high and soft. They broke my waters, and contractions slowed down to 3 minutes apart! I also began to feel all pains in my back, our little guy had turned around in protest!

    SO I did lots of walking, and bouncing on a fit ball.

    By about 2pm, things were getting a bit more painful, so I asked for (and got!) the gas, which I used in my last labour, and just loved. I also had a shower, which was really refreshing.

    At about 6pm, I was carrying on like a pork chop, grunting through contractions, and wiggling my feet a lot. The lady next door was about to pop, and I heard her baby cry and began to cry myself. I just felt like I had been doing the whole labor thing for so long, it was never going to be my turn!

    Anyway, they checked me, and I was 8 cm...then almost straight away, I was 9, then 10! The OB moved the lip of my cervix off the baby's head, and I got to push! I felt like I was going to split in half, and kept saying things like "I don't want to do this. I changed my mind" " I want to go home! GIVE ME THE DRUGS." I also swore at my husband when he told me to breathe, and told the OB to "get your hands out of me!"

    After 3 strong pushes, he was born, safe and sound, at 6 33pm. Having had an epidural last time, I was happy to have made it with just gas...Had 10 stitches and a 1st degree tear.

    birth details;
    Theodore James
    first stage (active labor) ; 4 hours
    second stage; 3 minutes!
    third stage; 3 minutes

    35.5 cm head

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    Congratulations on the arrival of your little man, and good job, it's a wonderful birth story.

    hugs xoxo

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    Congrats on the arrival of your mini-man!

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    Thanks for sharing your story!!

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