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    hiya, have never posted before so please forgive me if i do not do this correctly. I am 35 weeks pregnant and for the last month I have been having trouble with my blood pressure being too high. I have been admitted to hospital twice and then sent home in the morning with a gigantic milk jug to collect my wee in. so far blood work comes back okay and my urine shows protein and then is okay again. anyway, the long and the short of it is am not sure what I should be doing here? It would seem that I am on the cusp with highish blood pressure that is not yet high enough for to be a real concern but too high to ignore? anybody had any similar experiences?

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    Yes with my 1st I had high bp too, I had it about the same time too from about 37 weeks I had to make a dayly treck into the hospital to be hooked up to the moniter for 3 hrs a day to see how baby was doing I had to take home the wee test strips to check my protein and call them morning and night after the test it was always high at night but just ok in the morning. by 38.5 weeks I was in hospital so they could check bp every hr by the 2nd night they decided to indues my baby and the rest as they say is history I had a very health baby boy. Just keep an eye out for a headache which is at the frount of your head above your eyes as this is a sign of you bp rising. I am guessing they will keep checking you try not to stress about it too much as this will just lead to high bp keep your feet up so they dont swell to much ( mind you my butt took all the swelling in the end as I was on it so much LOL) good luck you will have a happy baby very soon.....

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    hi,this is my first time replying also. i had bp problems withmy first pregnancy. i had to stop work at 26 weeks and then from about 30 weeks onwsards was on medication( labetenol) and in and out of hospital being monitored. I had steroid injections as they thought at 30 weeks i was going to deliver but then bp seemed to be ok. I had no protein in urine either!! at 36 weeks i had severe chest pain like i had broken a rib or been wearing a tight strapless dress and found difficulty in breathing. blood test reveales i was suffering HELP syndrome which is a form of preclampsia( still no protein in urine) i had our little boy by cs the next day. I was advised to get as much rest as possible and had daily bp tests. i am now pregnant again, fell pregnant 6 months after first child- advised to fall pregnant earlydue to age and bpproblems. unfortunately again i am on medication, i monitor bp at home daily but all is good. About 1 month after i had our son i felt anxious and had headaches and bp was high so was put back on medicaiton-fortunately thngs are going ok i am 33 weeks pregnant now! hope you are resting up

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    with my first my bp went through the roof, i went in for a check and was admited to hospital at 35 weeks, this time i had to stay and get complete bed rest, was on medication and the dose was doubled towards the end. The aim was to get me to 36 weeks so my baby wouldnt be classed as prem. at 36 weeks and 4 days I was induced as my bp just kept going up, I had a very healthy girl 7lb 3oz and my bp dropped to normal straight after she was born. Try and get as much rest as possible and the less stress the better, by the way my second pregnancy i had no bp problems at all.

    Thinking of you , rest and enjoy your last few weeks

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