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Thread: PreEclampsia anyone?

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    Default PreEclampsia anyone?

    Hey there,

    I was hoping to start a chat thread with anyone else that has pre eclampsia at the moment... I hope there isn't anyone on BB with it, but if there is, I hope that we can share experiences.

    This is my story:

    I had PE with my first child, he was induced at 37 weeks after me being in hospital for 4 weeks by that stage. I had early liver failure and one kidney of mine was barely functioning. BP and protein stayed high or went higher, and I hated the whole thing.

    I didn't get it with DD and I was very thankful.

    So I thought I would be right with this one. Not so, apparently I always had a higher chance since this baby is with a new partner. That makes the incidence higher since it's something about sperm antibodies and since i had it with my first child.

    Anyway, bp has been high end of normal and I was put on weekly visits. I was gunning for 36 weeks if at all, my mind could accept 36 weeks with PE, but not sooner. But after a week of pretty bad swelling and headaches I shouldn't have been suprised when yesterday on my 31 week checkup BP had gone over the limit and I had ++ protein. I begged the doctor to give me 10 minutes of lying down and recheck everything before he rang the hospital, and he did, but it was higher 10 minutes later.
    Then it was a visit to the hospital straight away which is a big deal here because I have young children and the place is over an hour away. So I asked for day admittance instead to give me a chance to get it down. It dropped to the high end of normal, but still protein showing up. I was allowed to go home on strict rest and as long as I got a few blood tests and a scan done, then came back for at least a day admittance on Monday.

    I'm sad because it's only just 31 weeks today. I'm feeling sorry for myself that it's starting to show this early and I remember how bad I got before with DS, but it didn't come on good and proper till 33 weeks with him, and didn't get real bad till 36 weeks when the liver thing went wrong. I know some ladies get it very early on and have serious problems, and HELLP and I shouldn't be feeling sorry for myself. I just wanted a normal pregnancy and hospitialization isn't an option for me. It's just not. It's too far away, even if I could arrange for someone to watch my kids, I would never get to see them unless weekends.

    I'm feeling bummed out at the moment.

    So please, anyone in the same situation with PE or early PE, maybe we could use this thread to have a chat

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    Tara i am so sorry you are going through all this again

    I had really bad PE with my first and she was born 35wks 4days. With my second i didn't get it so bad he was born at 36wks 6days. When i was pg with Eleanor i started getting signs at 26wks and was watched three times a week and had regular scans to check growth at 36 wks Eleanor had stopped growing she was born 37wks 2days.

    Which state are you from ?
    If your in Perth and need some one to talk to i am always around.

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    Tara, if you're in sydney, I am avail days to help out if you need me. I work evenings/nights but am free days. I live near Penrith and if I can help, I'd be glad to! I had PE with Kat. Swelling from 20wks+ and then developed PE at 36wks. I know what it's like and I am more than willing to help out. Even if it's justy to mind the kids while you lie down for an hr or so....

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    Beebee Guest


    Hello Tara
    Sorry to hear your experiences with pre-eclampsia. Do you have a home blood pressure monitor that you could use? (or perhaps borrow or hire one?) That way you can monitor your own readings over time without being in such a stressful environment (obviously in conjuction with your doctor). I assume you were/are on meds for BP as well.

    My experience with PE led to birth at 28 weeks & permanent kidney damage, so it's not something to be taken lightly. Be kind to yourself & accept any help if possible. I hope things improve for you & that bubs stays put for another couple of months. Hang in there....

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    Fletch - sounds like you need a checkup? They are alarming symptoms! I'm sorry to hear you have experienced PIH and are having symptoms this pregnancy, cross fingers it won't develop any further. Thankyou for sharing your story here, I don't like to hear anyone else has had it or got it, but it helps to talk about it with others.

    Michelle, I remember reading about your visits leading up to the birth of Elenor and feeling frustrated for you, how big was she in the end? I actually live in NSW, but thankyou for the offer to chat

    Katkins - you are beautiful, thankyou I live about 4 hours from Sydney, but your offer is lovely and it helps that people understand. I've been feeling down about the possibility of being hospitialized today and being away from my kids, it's such a PITA to live this far away from the hospital and I feel even selfish for having another baby at the moment really ignoring the risks of PE reacurring, I feel like I have not been fair to my other two kids. I love and want this baby badly, I just feeling negative right now I think and I don't want my kids to suffer for it. I'm quite protective of them I guess and right now there aren't too many options for their care if that happens. Just getting to the day stay unit on Monday is becoming a drama, trying to drop them off early somewhere. Unfortunately we have no family in the area.

    Beebee - I'm sorry to hear that you had PE so did your baby go being born so early? My problems pale in comparison when I read a story like yours, I have been lucky. I thought of a BP machine but have read they aren't very accurate and I was worried about it having a psychological effect if you know what I mean? Like my BP would go up because I'd be worried about it, and it could be inaccurate but that could still make me worry more and need to go in more. I'm not sure.

    I've just been feeling negative today I think, I woke up feeling just 'not right' if that makes sense. I had to go for a GTT test which didn't go down well on my stomach and I feel dizzy after it. I was looking up some information to show DP about PE as he wanted to read up about it, he's never heard of it before, and I stupidly clicked on the 'read stories' links and read some really sad outcomes of PE. It was silly of me, but I had no idea really it could be that serious!

    Thanks very much for your support girls and your stories

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    Tara - Eleanor was 6lb 11oz in the end so not as small as they thought she was going to be.

    If you need to talk please email me at [email protected]

    I know you can find some really sad stories on the internet about PE but please try not to worry to much about them as it won't do your BP any good and we do need to keep that nice and low for you.

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    heca Guest

    Default Pre Eclampsia repeat fear

    Hi Tara,

    This is my first post on BellyBelly, though I have been reading the forums for some time. I was searching for some threads on PE as well, thanks for starting a thread.

    I had severe PE with my first child, which basically came on during delivery, a very scary experience. My BP went up in the final week of pregnancy, but the serious symptoms came on extremely quickly. I was quite sick when I got to hospital and was on a magnesium sulphide drip for 36 hours, including after delivery. Luckily bub and myself came out fine, though it was an experience I don't want to repeat in a hurry. There is PE on my husband's side, but I had no idea in my first pregnancy that I was at risk and it came out of the blue completely. I had some symptoms that began around 34 weeks, such as flashing lights, small baby, raised BP, pain in my upper right side, headaches, etc. The actual onset of the severe PE was pretty much without symptoms-- I was in spurious labour for 24 hours already with posterior baby-- though I did have the feeling that something was 'wrong' and begged them to let me come to hospital. (Lucky I insisted on going in a second time. I was turned away the first time, they kept confusing my BP with the baby's ?!)

    Last week I had a couple of incidents of flashing stars before my eyes, and my BP was 144/85 when I went in for my fortnightly checkup. After monitoring for four hours it went down to 110/70, my normal BP. All my bloods were normal, and only traces of protein in urine. But it knocked me for a six and now I'm worried that I will develop PE with this pregnancy. I'm going in for monitoring again this Thursday.

    Thanks for sharing, Tara, and Michelle and Caro too, it is very reassuring to find others to talk to about this scary disease. Apart for one obstetrician and one midwife, on the whole I haven't had a lot of good medical help about the condition. I've had to do my own research and there are some really distressing stories about PE out there!

    I'm in a different state this time, and a different hospital, so they don't have my records.

    That was a long post for a first one.

    Thanks for listening,

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    Thanks for starting the thread Tara.

    I too had PE with my first pregnancy and delivered at 36.5weeks after spending just over two weeks in hospital. The day I was induced was because protein reached +++. With this pg I was already on BP med - Methyldopa 1 tab/day. When I found out I was pg BP rose to 155/88 but since has dropped to 130/78. Will find out more next Monday when I am seeing for the first time a BP specialist and my OB. I have had my meds increased to 3 tabs/day but so far though only taking two and am also taking one aspirin a day. I think I'm OK, constantly checking myself for swelling around the ankles and check for white marks on my skin and whether I can form fists with my hands.

    Sorry for the self absorbed post, I really hope that everything is going OK for you Tara and for you too Fletch.

    Heca - how are you?

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    I too had PE with #1 however not as severe as what you have all described. I didnt need hospitalisation and after monitoring my bp and swelling over several visits, when the protein ++ started I was allowed home if I promised to rest as it was Easter. That visit was on the Thurs before Good Friday and I had to go back on the Tuesday after which was my EDD. From that visit I was told I would be going to hospital that night, I had to have some blood work done and would be monitored with the possibility of having things started in the morning. We did need to get things started and Jacksen was born at 8lb 2oz so definately not small at all. After reading your stories I am grateful as I made it to 40 weeks. 2nd pregnancy went by with no PE or bp problems but unfortunately this time round, I was diagnosed with high bp before even conceiving so am on meds twice a day (aldomet), the start of this pgcy bp was on the high side, but the last two visits have been at an all time low. My ob has told me not to take it as a 'I'm free' card as quite often he sees people with hypertension read low then sky rocket. I am 27 weeks now, and am taking it week by week hanging for each appt. I feel great but am so aware of any little sign.

    You all deserve huge hugs with what has gone on / is going on and I am hoping that all all (and me) continue as far as you can - Tara, I hope you have avoided the hospital, let us know how you are when you can. I have a 5 & 3 yr old, and am doing every thing possible to avoid hospitalisation as I couldnt even imagine trying to rearrange everything (kinder 5 days a week) before 38 weeks. So my heart goes out to you. I think its wonderful you partner is wanting to learn all about it.

    Fletch - hopefully you've managed an appt and all is ok - but if not, my fingers are crossed for you hon!

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    Hi hope you dont mind me adding my bit in here just thought it might help..

    I had severe pe with my first, diagnosed at 30.5 weeks and delivered 3 days later at 31 weeks to a 2lb 12 ounce 1260gram little boy who after 6 weeks in hospital and a long journey afterwards is not a healthy happy but small 4.5 year old.

    My second pregnancy I developed PIH just mildly at about 26 weeks, by 32 weeks I'd been in hospital a cpl of times and was finally started on meds and given steroid injections as they werent sure they could keep me going... they did and I was sent home. 35 weeks I woke up with a massive migraine, I was in the worst pain ever and was just hysterical with it, I was living with my dad and I literally crawled into his room beside myself with the pain... I was rushed to hospital and my bp was 225/165, it took them about 5 hours to stabilise me, I was pumped full of every drug, I was starting to fit, hyperventalating and just generally in a terrible way.. they got my bed ready to take me around to ICU when all of a sudden sometihng clicked and my bp dropped, they prepped me for surgery and Isobella was born a healthy and hefty 5lb 12 ounces.

    Third pregnancy was scary as hell...but keep reading it ends well.... at 19w5d i was admitted to hospital with high bp, swelling etc and diagnosed with PIH... 21 weeks I was admitted AGAIN this time diagnosis changed to PE and they started preparing me for the worst, they started preparing me for the wrost, telling me I was going to deliver ANY day and baby had ZERO chance of survival. I was so so scared.

    23 weeks and I don't know how many times I'd been back by then but I was still pregnant so they took me around nicu and showed me the micro premmies, started telling me baby had a slim chance of survival but with major complications and going into more detail about brain bleeds and all kinds of things that are common with micro premmies.

    Somehow I kept going on and kept getting sent home on strict bedrest (with 3 other children might I add aged 4 and under to care for..)

    28 weeks I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, it was out of control and I was started on insulin... I was also admitted to hosp with high bp for probably the 15thish time so far... strangely as I was started on insulin though my bp dropped... they stopped my meds and it dropped further, to the point it was getting dangerously low.. my blood work started improving, they changed my diagnosis BACK to pih not pe... but kept me in a few days longer any way as they had never seen this happen before. I was sent home on no meds.

    A week later I was re-admitted with high bp and started on meds again... now I'll start to cut it a bit shorter as I'm babbling so much...

    For the remainder of my pregnancy I had another 6 hospital admissions not to mention I had to be at the hospital 6 out of 7 days a week for fetal monitoring, bp biophysicals, growth/bloodflow scans etc etc etc etc ETC... it was a nightmare... BUT..

    38w6d 28th June 2006 I HAD MADE IT... my scheduled csect date had arrived at long last and my healthy first fullterm buddha baby Savannah was born tipping the mummy scales at 7lb5ounces (god she felt SO heavy compared to the others)

    so despite the incredible early onset and terrible outcomes my doctors thought would come (EVERY specialist I saw guaranteed delivery before 28 weeks!!!) we made it to the end both of us healthy and happy!

    Sorry this is so long, I just really felt I had to share this with you all that are suffering repeat pe because there are good outcomes

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    I developed pre-eclampsia at 40 weeks with DD(lucky it was at the end) But it was a very quick onset and i went down hill quite fast. I was hospitalised straight away. They umm'ed ahh'ed for a week until they finally induced me. i've always wondered why they didn't just do that in the beginning since i was already due because in the end my kidneys were failing, i had high protein and my BP just continued to get higher. Luckly with DS i didn't even get high BP.

    I'll be thinking of you and hope it doesn't get too bad before bubs comes.

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    Bianca_Louise Guest


    I had PE with both my DS and DD being induced early both times. Now I’m pregnant with our 3rd child and I’m so scared.

    I had so many problems I don’t know where to start. Especially with our DD I was only induced a week early with her but it was an awful awful labor. I was induced with pitocin at 9 in the morning and went from no dilation to birthing by 11am. I was in so much pain, I had chosen not to have any drugs. In the end I was screaming for a c section. Then she was born blue with her cord wrapped around her neck twice. The whole thing was awful and I don’t know if I could do it again. If the PE comes back for the 3rd time and it comes to the time where I need to be inducted I think I want an elective c section.

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    suz Guest


    I too had preeclampsia with Number 1. In and out of hospital for a number of weeks and when my DD was born in 1993 ended up on blood pressure medication for three months. It was a really traumatic time. In 2000 I delivered DD number 2. This time my gall bladder failed during pregnancy and had to be taken out in the 1st trimester. Blood pressure started to rise at week 31 but we made it til week 37...Yeah. In 2007 we are here again (yes it is a 7 year itch) and I am now at 27 weeks. After two miserable pregnancies and now being almost 39 I was very nervous about how things will be. I am crossing my fingers but so far so good. Blood pressure is maintaining and there have been no sign of the previous issues...perhaps I am improving with age!!!!
    Anyway best of luck there are plenty of people to support you here

    DD 1993 ( ALMOST 14) DD 2000 (7)

    ITS ANOTHER GIRL. C/S Booked for September 11

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    Beebee Guest


    I made an earlier post re PE & my 1st DD arriving at 28 weeks. The update is that PE reared it's ugly head again & here we are the proud parents of another very prem baby born at....28 weeks! This is going to take a while to recover for both bub & myself and it will be a very difficult journey to say the least.
    So to those with PE - please do what you can to look after yourselves & I wish you all long & healthy pregnancies!

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    thought i would bump this thread as i have been classed as having pre - eclampsia. I had protein in my urine and then got sent to do a 24 hour pee test which came back that my traces of protein are quite high. My BP has been up for about 2 months or so now. Usually 110-120/60 and has been getting up to 140/90 and seems to be hovering around 130/80 atm. My swelling got really bad also about 2 months ago and has slowly gotten worse. So now i have been diagnosed with PE. and scared outa my wits!

    I have been in the early stages of labour since fri night/sat morning and it hasnt really been progressing too well. The contractions have been getting stronger but not closer. So now i have an appoitnment with my doc tomorrow at 10:30 and he will moniter me and then start talking about induction. Which i dont want, but it doesnt seem like i have much of a choice.

    I would love to hear stories of other people that are going through or have been through the same thing.. or just anything.. i feel alone and i feel like DP doesnt understand what is really going on so its hard to talk to him.

    thanks in advance.

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    Hi Hollye
    I was also diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, your story sounds exactly the same as mine except I was only diagnosed around 36 weeks.
    I had monitoring and blood tests every second day and was finally induced the day after my due date.
    Not what I really wanted either, however it was the best thing for my bub.
    I hope you progess into labour naturally, but in the end you need to think of bubs if there is a medical reason for induction.
    Hope this helps

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    thanks for the reply adkins. I was in hospital at 32 weeks coz they assumed PE then too but my symptoms seemed to fade. I do feel lucky for making it this far and knowing she is fully developed in there but u hear all these horror stories about PE.
    As you said.. at the end of the day its what best and im sure my doctor knows what hes doing.

    thanks again darl xoxoxo

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    Hi Hollye

    How you doing today? I've not been diagnosed with PE but it is at the front of my mind as I have really bad swelling and I'm only 23 weeks. My Obs is keeping a close eye on my BP and has told me to ring straight away if I get any vision problems.

    Sounds like they've at least got your situation under control. Hope it stays that way.

    Thinking of you,

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