that sucks Mel with the AF (oh and congrats for feeding your DD4 so long keep going)

I don't post in here often but do read so I keep up with what's happening but...

Someone tell me that the 3hrly feeds overnight for my 22mth old DS will end soon.
He's just started up again (!) feeding 3hrly overnight - I thought we were getting close to the actually sleeping through (ie only waking 1-2 o'night); he's also started in the past week or so to feed on both sides - he hasn't done that since about 4mths old (occasionally but not this regularly). I've ended up falling asleep in the glider again and it's not being nice to my lower back doing that. The lack of sleep is just about killing me as I'm working basically full time in the classroom and lack of sleep generally means a very grumpy teacher. DS won't let DH get up to him in the middle of the night either unless he wants to be awake for a while. I'm yet to see evidence that it's a growth spurt either - doesn't seem much heavier than usual or taller yet.