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    i also have very flat nipples and the best advise i ever got was to feed my babies holding them in the football possition (tucked under 1 arm) as this helps them to attach better dont know if its true for everyone but it sure helped mind you when i had numer 5 the nurse went square at me for doing it wrong i soon told her were to get off hope that helps some.

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    Thanks Frazaled! Will give that a whirl if I'm lucky enough to have baby no.2.


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    Lol at the flat nipplers uniting! I have them too (never knew until I was told by a nice midwife!) and ended up using medela nipple shields for about 3 months. They sooo saved my life. After the 3 months I tried getting rid of them and it worked over time. Frustrating but good. And now my nipples are 'normal' as Caty pulled them out. Still feeding now and I imagine next bub will be back on the shields at first but not for long this time....surely!


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