thread: How to treat a Milk Blister on Nipple?

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    How to treat a Milk Blister on Nipple?

    Hi gals
    After narrowly averting a blocked duct/mastititis crisis in the last 24 hours I find myself with what looks like a milk blister on my right nipple (the breast which did have the block duct issue and which I furiously fed and expressed from).
    Its a bit tender - How do I treat it?

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    Sounds exactly like what I had, it was white, and came with a blocked duct problem. The LC had a look and told me it was something called white spot, which meant that some milk had collected behind the 'outlet' and had thickened, blocking things up. It was quite sore too. The treatment I had to administer was pretty yucky - basically I had to remove the white blister/spot using a sterilised needle and also remove any thickened glue like white stuff too. It was a bit horrific, I made myself a bit faint more than once doing this as it took me a few goes. But it did in the end work.

    Before doing something as drastic as this, can you get a lactation consultant to have a look for you to confirm what you have? You don't want to be doing that treatment if you don't have to!

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    It sounds to me like what I know about white spot. If your GP has a look at it they should be able to do the *****ing and unblocking for you. Less harrowing that way I imagine! Good luck, I really hope it starts feeling better soon.

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    I had this before, also came along with blocked duct/mastitis. Try compressing your nipple with warm facewasher before feeding/expressing, sometimes it can be unplugged this way. If it still there for quite sometime, go to the dr to have it removed (this's what i did last time). Just be careful that it doesnt cause more issues in terms of blocked duct. Hope it clears up soon!

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