thread: Sneaky formula companies

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    What if a baby has EBM and then straight away has powdered formula? Gee, Nicholas is going to be one stuffed up kid.

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    Jan 2006

    No, that's formula made with water and is fine. Powdered formula made up with breastmlk is dangerous. Sorry for not explaining that properly.

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    Sorry Ryn, completely misunderstood what you were saying hun! I think I'm on the same page now

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    If it had formula in it and then says add baby's usual milk and mix, what if usual milk is formula? Then as you said Caryn, its flavoured formula. I agree that is very sneaky. Send a label to the Food and Drug Authority or similar in England. They should be aware that it contains replacement milk and not ordinary powdered milk, which shouldn't be given to babies. It should say somewhere on the box, clearly that it contains replacement baby milk.

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    So all foods which contain powdered milk and are designed to be mixed with "baby's normal milk" are damaging? That can't be right Ryn, how would it get through labelling standards? Almost every baby cereal on the market is dangerous?

    Also when i worked at Yorkhill (childrens hospital) the PA who shared my office was the PA to the feeding clinic (for very underweight/overweight/tube-fed kids) and the first step with an underweight child is to start adding powdered formula/milk to foods to increase calorie density. Only if that fails do they move you onto a rx for special drinks etc.


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    It's sneaky. I've been in chronic sleep deprivation this last week (like many mums) so when I went into the chemist I checked the front and back of the new packet. The front has a picture of bananas, a peach, rice and a jug of milk with the words "organic banana and peach breakfast" on. The back says to mix with water or milk. In the small print on the side hidden away it says to make with water only and that it is half formula. I am upset that because I had to keep my son napping I couldn't read the labels thoroughly (he has been up every 1-2 hours overnight whether I feed or not and needed walking back to sleep irrespective of if he had fed or not... we finally got some sleep last night) and I was lucky I looked at the pachet again ad hadn't expressed milk the night before.

    DS's normal cereal has 10% powdered milk, not nearly 50%. It is 36% fruit, not 4%. OK, so 36% isn't loads but it isnine times more than this one. From what I saw in the shop, I expected at least 25% fruit, a fair bit of rice and a splash of milk - not nearly half formula.

    My son does not need fattening up, the extra calories in this way could be detrimental to a healthy baby. Yes, he's a smidge on the thin side, but so are DH and I.

    Plus (can't believe I forgot my main point!) breastmilk is ALIIIIIVVVE! It liiiiives! It contains antibodies. Powdered formula has in all the prebiotic and probiotic guff (OK, not guff in formula milk but guff in adult diets, our stomachs don't absorb them and most "bloating" clears up in 2 weeks anyway). Antibodies. Probiotics. What happens when these two get it on? (OK, I am still tired but DS only does 30min naps atm so not worth me naping as DH is fishing so I'm on my own again). Anyway, they won't help Baby, they will fight each other. In Baby's stomach. A one-off may be OK but not over a few days.

    I would happily make DS's breakfast with formula, or add formula to his food if he needed it. But he doesn't and I am upset that this has been sneaked into his food. He doesn't even have HiPP normally.

    He had his normal cereal with half water and half EBM this morning - we went to the supermarket yesterday.


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